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Michael S. Brown
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Brown, M.S.
Brown, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A 3D imaging framework based on high-resolution photometric-stereo and low-resolution depthLu, Z. ; Tai, Y.-W.; Deng, F.; Ben-Ezra, M.; Brown, M.S. 
22008A framework for reducing ink-bleed in old documentsHuang, Y.; Brown, M.S. ; Xu, D.
32010A framework for ultra high resolution 3D imagingLu, Z. ; Tai, Y.-W.; Ben-Ezra, M.; Brown, M.S. 
42009A fully automatic system for restoration of historical document imagesWang, J. ; Brown, M.S. ; Tan, C.L. 
52013A learning-based approach to reduce JPEG artifacts in image mattingChoi, I.; Kim, S.; Brown, M.S. ; Tai, Y.-W.
62012A new in-camera imaging model for color computer vision and its applicationKim, S.J.; Lin, H.T.; Lu, Z. ; Süsstrunk, S.; Lin, S.; Brown, M.S. 
72009A unified framework for document restoration using inpainting and shape-from-shadingZhang, L. ; Yip, A.M. ; Brown, M.S. ; Tan, C.L. 
82008Accurate alignment of double-sided manuscripts for bleed-through removalWang, J. ; Brown, M.S. ; Tan, C.L. 
92013An evaluation of wearable activity monitoring devicesGuo, F.; Li, Y.; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Brown, M.S. 
102012An interactive editing tool for correcting panoramasGao, J.; Brown, M.S. 
112013As-projective-as-possible image stitching with moving DLTZaragoza, J.; Chin, T.-J.; Brown, M.S. ; Suter, D.
122009Automatic corresponding control points selection for historical document image registrationWang, J. ; Brown, M.S. ; Tan, C.L. 
132010BinarizationShop: A user-assisted software suite for converting old documents to black-and-whiteDeng, F.; Wu, Z. ; Lu, Z. ; Brown, M.S. 
142013Color-aware regularization for gradient domain image manipulationDeng, F.; Kim, S.J.; Tai, Y.-W.; Brown, M.S. 
152010Colorization for single image super resolutionLiu, S.; Brown, M.S. ; Kim, S.J. ; Tai, Y.-W.
162017Comparison of wrist-worn Fitbit Flex and waist-worn ActiGraph for measuring steps in free-living adultsChu A.H.Y. ; Ng S.H.X. ; Paknezhad M.; Gauterin A. ; Koh D. ; Brown M.S. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. 
172011Constructing image panoramas using dual-homography warpingGao, J.; Kim, S.J. ; Brown, M.S. 
182010Correction of spatially varying image and video motion blur using a hybrid cameraTai, Y.-W.; Du, H.; Brown, M.S. ; Lin, S.
191-Jan-2014Design of macro-filter-lens with simultaneous chromatic and geometric aberration correctionPrasad, D.K.; Brown, M.S. 
202009Detail recovery for single-image defocus blurTai, Y.-W.; Tang, H.; Brown, M.S. ; Lin, S.