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Mohan Kankanhalli
Kankanhalli, Mohan S
Kankanhalli, Mohan S.
Mohan, S.K.
Kankanhalli, M.S.
Kankanhalli, M.
Kankanhalli Mohan
Mohan, S.
Kankanhalli, Mohan

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120091st ACM International Workshop on Events in Multimedia - EiMM 09, Co-located with the 2009 ACM International Conference on Multimedia, MM 09: ForewordScherp, A.; Jain, R.; Kankanhalli, M. 
22003A 3D shape matching frameworkChang, E.C. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Xu, R. 
32015A bio-inspired center-surround model for salience computation in imagesSen Debashis ; Kankanhalli Mohan 
42006A collection-oriented metadata framework for digital imagesKu, W. ; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Lim, J.-H.
52008A cross-modal approach for karaoke artifacts correctionYan, W.-Q.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
62009A CRT based watermark for multiparty multilevel DRM architectureThomas, T.; Emmanuel, S.; Das, A.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
72006A design methodology for selection and placement of sensors in multimedia surveillance systemsSiva Ram, G.S.V.S.; Ramakrishnan, K.R.; Atrey, P.K.; Singh, V.K.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
82003A digital rights management scheme for broadcast videoEmmanuel, S.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
92018A Fine-Grained Spatial-Temporal Attention Model for Video CaptioningLiu, A.-A.; Qiu, Y.; Wong, Y. ; Su, Y.-T.; Kankanhalli, M. 
102009A flexible surveillance system architectureSaini, M.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Jain, R.
112010A geometric approach for efficient licenses validation in DRMSachan, A.; Emmanuel, S.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
122006A hierarchical approach for music chord modeling based on the analysis of tonal characteristicsMaddage, N.C.; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Li, H.
132003A hierarchical framework for face tracking using state vector fusion for compressed videoWang, J. ; Achanta, R. ; Kankanhalli, M. ; Mulhem, P.
142004A hierarchical signature scheme for robust video authentication using secret sharingAtrey, P.K.; Yan, W.-Q. ; Chang, E.-C. ; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
152004A method for solmization of melodyZhu, Y.; Kankanhalli, M. ; Gao, S.
1622-Mar-1995A method for utilising medium nonuniformities to minimize unauthorized duplication of digital informationARCOT DESAI NARASIMHALU ; WANG, WEIGUO ; KANKANHALLI, MOHAN SHANKARA 
172012A multimodal approach for online estimation of subtle facial expressionXiang, X.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
182004A new approch to automatic music video summarizationShao, X.; Xu, C.; Kankanhalli, M.S. 
192018A novel attention-based hybrid CNN-RNN architecture for sEMG-based gesture recognitionGeng, W.; Hu, Y.; Wong, Y. ; Wei, W.; Du, Y.; Kankanhalli, M. 
20May-2013A reward-and-punishment-based approach for concept detection using adaptive ontology rulesBhatt, C.A.; Atrey, P.K.; Kankanhalli, M.S.