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Zhiyong Huang
Huang, Z.-Y.
Huang, Z.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120033D model retrieval with morphing-based geometric and topological feature mapsYu, M.; Atmosukarto, I. ; Leow, W.K. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Xu, R. 
22003A 3D shape matching frameworkChang, E.C. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Xu, R. 
32003A feature-based pencil drawing methodLi, N.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
42005A kernel autoassociator approach to pattern classificationZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Zhang, B.
52006A maximum margin discriminative learning algorithm for temporal signalsXu, W.; Wu, J.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
62004A particle filtering framework with indirect measurements for visual trackingZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Zhang, B.
72007A shape distribution for comparing 3D modelsMonteverde, L.C.; Ruiz, C.R.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
82007Adapting relational database engine to accommodate moving objects in SpADEOoi, B.C. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Lin, D.; Lu, H.; Xu, L. 
92005Affine object tracking with kernel-based spatial-color representationZhang, H.; Huang, W.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Li, L.
102004An adaptive sampling method for layered depth imageNamboori, R.; Teh, H.C. ; HUANG ZHIYONG 
112007An image registration method based on the local and global structuresPeng, N.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Hou, Z.
122004An implementation of a game engine for air combat simulationGao, J.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
132007Animation toolkit based on a database approach for reusing motions and modelsAkanksha; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Prabhakaran, B.; Ruiz Jr., C.R.
142004Applying speech interface to Mahjong gameZhang, J.; Zhao, J.; Bai, S.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
152007Collaborative spatial data sharing among mobile lightweight devicesHUANG ZHIYONG ; Jensen, C.S.; Lu, H.; Ooi, B.C. 
162006Continuous skyline queries for moving objectsHUANG ZHIYONG ; Lu, H. ; Ooi, B.C. ; Tung, A.K.H. 
172004Decomposing polygon meshes by means of critical pointsZhou, Y.; HUANG ZHIYONG 
182001Decomposing polygon meshes for interactive applicationsLi, X.; Tong Wing Woon ; Tiow Seng Tan ; HUANG ZHIYONG 
192007Distributed, concurrent range monitoring of spatial-network constrained mobile objectsLu, H.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Jensen, C.S.; Xu, L. 
202006Dynamic buffer management with extensible replacement policiesGoh, C.L. ; Shu, Y.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Ooi, B.C.