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Tiow Seng Tan
Tan, Tiow-Seng
Tan, T.-S.
Tan, T.C.
Tan, T.S.
Tiow Seng Tan


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A GPU accelerated algorithm for 3D Delaunay triangulationCao, T.-T.; Nanjappa, A.; Gao, M.; Tan, T.-S. 
2Mar-1996An optimal bound for high-quality conforming triangulationsTan, T.-S. 
3Dec-1993An upper bound for conforming Delaunay triangulationsEdelsbrunner, H.; Tan, T.S. 
42005Analyzing pre-fetching in large-scale visual simulationNg, C.-M. ; Nguyen, C.-T.; Tran, D.-N. ; Tan, T.-S. ; Yeow, S.-W.
52012Computing 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation using the GPUQi, M.; Cao, T.-T.; Tan, T.-S. 
61999Computing bounding volume hierarchies using model simplificationTan, Tiow-Seng ; Chong, Ket-Fah; Low, Kok-Lim 
75-May-2020Computing Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Using the GPUZheng, J; Tan, TS 
825-Feb-2017Computing delaunay refinement using the GPUChen, Z ; Qi, M; Tan, TS 
91-Sep-2019Computing three-dimensional constrained delaunay refinement using the GPUChen, Z ; Tan, TS 
102008Computing two-dimensional Delaunay triangulation using graphics hardwareRong, G.; Tan, T.-S. ; Cao, T.-T.; Stephanus
112001Decomposing polygon meshes for interactive applicationsLi, X.; Tong Wing Woon ; Tiow Seng Tan ; HUANG ZHIYONG 
12Dec-1993Edge insertion for optimal triangulationsBern, M.; Edelsbrunner, H.; Eppstein, D.; Mitchell, S.; Tan, T.S. 
132011Efficient implementation of point set reconstruction by multi-layer peeling algorithmWang, L.; Tan, T.-S. ; Lim, C.-W.; Meng, X.-X.; Du, C.; Ji, Z.-F.
142004Feature extraction using very high resolution satellite imageryXiao, Y. ; Lim, S.K.; Tan, T.S. ; Tay, S.C. 
151-Feb-2017Flip to Regular Triangulation and Convex HullGao, M ; Cao, TT ; Tan, TS 
1621-Mar-2013Flip-flop: Convex hull construction via star-shaped polyhedron in 3DGao, M.; Cao, T.-T.; Tan, T.-S. ; Huang, Z.
172005Generating an ω-Tile set for texture synthesisNg, T.-Y.; Wen, C.; Tan, T.-S. ; Zhang, X.; Kim, Y.J.
182013GHull: A GPU algorithm for 3D convex hullGao, M.; Cao, T.-T.; Nanjappa, A.; Tan, T.-S. ; Huang, Z.
192011gHull: A three-dimensional convex hull algorithm for graphics hardwareGao, M.; Cao, T.-T.; Tan, T.-S. ; Huang, Z.
202008Impact of vertex clustering on registration-based 3D dynamic mesh codingRamanathan, S. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Tan, T.-S.