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Kum Hoe, Anthony Tung
Tung, K.H.
Tung, A.
Tung, A.K.H.
Tung, K.-H.
K.h.tung, A.
Tung, A.K.H


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A cross-service travel engine for trip planningChen, G.; Liu, C. ; Lu, M.; Ooi, B.C. ; Ying, S.; Tung, A. ; Zhang, D. ; Zhang, M. 
22004A fast filter for obstructed nearest neighbor queriesXia, C.; Hsu, D. ; Tung, A.K.H. 
37-Oct-2014A general framework of hierarchical clustering and its applicationsCai, R.; Zhang, Z.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Dai, C.; Hao, Z.
42008A Graph Method for Keyword-based Selection of the top-K DatabasesVu, Q.H.; Ooi, B.C. ; Papadias, D.; Tung, A.K.H. 
52008A new approach to dynamic self-tuning of database buffersTran, D.N.; Huynh, P.C.; Tay, Y.C. ; Tung, A.K.H. 
626-Jul-2023A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Enabling Early Anomaly Detection with Correlation AnalysisAng Yihao ; Qiang Huang ; Kum Hoe, Anthony Tung ; Zhiyong Huang 
72012An efficient graph indexing methodWang, X.; Ding, X.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Ying, S.; Jin, H.
86-Jun-2019An Efficient Parallel Keyword Search Engine on Knowledge GraphsYueji Yang; Divykant Agrawal ; H. V. Jagadish ; Anthony K. H. Tung ; Shuang Wu 
92012Arboricity: An acyclic hypergraph decomposition problem motivated by database theoryChee, Y.M.; Ji, L.; Lim, A.; Tung, A.K.H. 
102006ARCS: An aggregated related column scoring scheme for aligned sequencesSong, B.; Chen, G.; Szymanski, J.; Zhang, G.-Q.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Kang, J.; Kim, S.; Yang, J.
11Mar-2014Automatic itinerary planning for traveling servicesChen, G.; Wu, S.; Zhou, J.; Tung, A.K.H. 
122011BROAD: Diversified keyword search in databasesZhao, F.; Zhang, X.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Chen, G.
131998Buffer management in distributed database systems: A data mining-based approachFeng, L.; Lu, H.; Tay, Y.C. ; Tung, K.H. 
142010Call to order: A hierarchical browsing approach to eliciting users' preferenceZhao, F.; Das, G.; Tan, K.-L. ; Tung, A.K.H. 
152003Carpenter: Finding closed patterns in long biological datasetsPan, F.; Cong, G. ; Tung, A.K.H. ; Yang, J.; Zaki, M.J.
162008Categorical skylines for streaming dataSarkas, N.; Koudas, N.; Das, G.; Tung, A.K.H. 
172004COBBLER: Combining column and row enumeration for closed pattern discoveryPan, F.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Cong, G. ; Xu, X. 
182009Comparing stars: On approximating graph edit distanceZeng, Z.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Wang, J.; Feng, J.; Zhou, L.
192007Compressed hierarchical mining of frequent closed patterns from dense data setsJi, L.; Tan, K.-L. ; Tung, A.K.H. 
202008Continuous k-means monitoring over moving objectsZhang, Z. ; Yang, Y.; Tung, A.K.H. ; Papadias, D.