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Wai Yin, Audrey Chia
Chia, A.
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12016Assessing and understanding sedentary behaviour in office-based working adults: A mixed-method approachWaters C.N. ; Ling E.P.; Chu A.H.Y. ; Ng S.H.X. ; Chia A. ; Lim Y.W. ; Müller-Riemenschneider F. 
22011Introduction: Sustainability matters - challenges and opportunities in environmental management in AsiaLye, I. L. H. ; Chia, A. ; Chou, L. M. ; Gunawansa, A. ; Kua, H. W. 
31998Seeing and believing: The variety of scientists' responses to contrary dataChia, A. 
4Mar-1999Singapore's economic internationalisation and its effects on work and familyChia, Audrey 
528-Nov-2021Social entrepreneurship in obesity prevention: A scoping reviewChia, Audrey ; Ong, Junyu; Bundele, Anjali ; Lim, Yee Wei 
62011Sustainability Matters: Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in AsiaEditor, Lye, I. L. H. ; Editor, Chou, L. M. ; Editor, Chia, A. ; Editor, Gunawansa, A. ; Editor, Kua, H. W. 
72000The effects of issue characteristics on the recognition of moral issuesChia, A. ; Mee, L.S.
8Mar-1998The effects of moral intensity on moral issue recognitionChia, Audrey ; Lim, Swee Mee
9Jul-1997The effects of role and gian/loss conditions on allocation chociesChia, Audrey 
1011-Apr-2022The Impact and Applications of Social Media Platforms for Public Health Responses Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Systematic Literature ReviewGunasekeran, Dinesh Visva ; Chew, Alton; Chandrasekar, Eeshwar K; Rajendram, Priyanka; Kandarpa, Vasundhara; Rajendram, Mallika; Chia, Audrey ; Smith, Helen; Leong, Choon Kit 
11Dec-1995When scientists change their beliefsChia-Chan, Audrey 
1228-Apr-2021Why is dying not seen as a diagnosis?CHIA WAI YIN, AUDREY