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Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran
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126-Feb-2021Applications of digital health for public health responses to COVID-19: a systematic scoping review of artificial intelligence, telehealth and related technologiesGunasekeran, Dinesh Visva ; Tseng, Rachel Marjorie Wei Wen; Tham, Yih-Chung ; Wong, Tien Yin 
22020Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology in 2020: A technology on the cusp for translation and implementationGunasekeran, D.V. ; Wong, T.Y. 
324-May-2021COVID-19 awareness, knowledge and perception towards digital health in an urban multi-ethnic Asian populationTeo, Cong Ling; Chee, Miao Li; Koh, Kai Hui; Tseng, Rachel Marjorie Wei Wen; Majithia, Shivani; Thakur, Sahil; Gunasekeran, Dinesh Visva ; Nusinovici, Simon; Sabanayagam, Charumathi ; Wong, Tien Yin ; Tham, Yih-Chung ; Cheng, Ching-Yu 
41-Feb-2021Digital health during COVID-19: lessons from operationalising new models of care in ophthalmologyDINESH VISVA GUNASEKERAN ; THAM YIH CHUNG ; Ting, D.S.W. ; Tan Siew Wei Gavin ; Wong, T.Y. 
5Sep-2020Digital Health Solutions for Mental Health Disorders During COVID-19Chew, A.M.K.; Ong, R.; Lei, H.-H. ; Rajendram, M.; Grisan, K.V.; Verma, S.K. ; Fung, D.S.S. ; Leong, J.J.-Y.; Gunasekeran, D.V. 
6Jun-2020Evaluating safety and efficacy of follow-up for patients with abdominal pain using video consultation (SAVED Study): Randomized controlled trialGunasekeran, D.V. ; Liu, Z.; Tan, W.J.; Koh, J.; Cheong, C.P.; Tan, L.H.; Lau, C.S.; Phuah, G.K.; Manuel, N.D.A.; Chia, C.C.; Seng, G.S.; Tong, N.; Huin, M.H.; Dulce, S.V.; Yap, S.; Ponampalam, K.; Ying, H.; Ong, M.E.H. ; Ponampalam, R. 
71-Jun-2021Social Media Big Data: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Un)truthsChew, Alton M. K.; Gunasekeran, Dinesh Visva 
819-Feb-2021Telehealth demand trends during the COVID-19 pandemic in the top 50 most affected countries: Infodemiological evaluationZheng Wong, M.Y.; Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran ; Nusinovici, Simon ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi ; Yeo Khung Keong ; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Yih-Chung Tham 
911-Apr-2022The Impact and Applications of Social Media Platforms for Public Health Responses Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Systematic Literature ReviewGunasekeran, Dinesh Visva ; Chew, Alton; Chandrasekar, Eeshwar K; Rajendram, Priyanka; Kandarpa, Vasundhara; Rajendram, Mallika; Chia, Audrey ; Smith, Helen; Leong, Choon Kit