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Swapna Kamal Verma


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126-Feb-2020Beyond Recovery: Exploring Growth in the Aftermath of PsychosisLee, Y.Y.; Verma, S. ; Subramaniam, M. 
22019Clarifying pathways to poor psychological health: The mediating role of psychosocial factors in the relationship between general psychopathology and quality of life impairment in patients diagnosed with schizophreniaLiu, J; Abdin, E; Verma, S ; Sim, K ; Chong, S.A; Subramaniam, M
3Sep-2020Digital Health Solutions for Mental Health Disorders During COVID-19Chew, A.M.K.; Ong, R.; Lei, H.-H. ; Rajendram, M.; Grisan, K.V.; Verma, S.K. ; Fung, D.S.S. ; Leong, J.J.-Y.; Gunasekeran, D.V. 
42016Hoarding symptoms among psychiatric outpatients: Confirmatory factor analysis and psychometric properties of the Saving Inventory - Revised (SI-R)Lee, S.P; Ong, C; Sagayadevan, V; Ong, R; Abdin, E; Lim, S; Vaingankar, J; Picco, L; Verma, S ; Chong, S.A; Subramaniam, M
52018NEURAPRO: A multi-centre RCT of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids versus placebo in young people at ultra-high risk of psychotic disorders - Medium-term follow-up and clinical courseNelson, B; Amminger, G.P; Yuen, H.P; Markulev, C; Lavoie, S; Schäfer, M.R; Hartmann, J.A; Mossaheb, N; Schlögelhofer, M; Smesny, S; Hickie, I.B; Berger, G; Chen, E.Y.H; De Haan, L; Nieman, D.H; Nordentoft, M; Riecher-Rössler, A; Verma, S ; Thompson, A; Yung, A.R; McGorry, P.D
61-Dec-2021Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and smoking status among psychiatric patients in Singapore – a cross-sectional studySeet, V; Abdin, E; Asharani, PV ; Lee, YY; Roystonn, K ; Wang, P; Devi, F; Cetty, L; Teh, WL; Verma, S ; Mok, YM; Subramaniam, M 
71-Jan-2022Social Media-Driven Routes to Positive Mental Health Among Youth: Qualitative Enquiry and Concept Mapping StudyVaingankar, JA; Van Dam, RM ; Samari, E; Chang, S; Seow, E; Chua, YC; Luo, N ; Verma, S ; Subramaniam, M 
82019Subjective quality of life among patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder and patients with major depressive disorderTan, X.W.; Seow, E.; Abdin, E.; Verma, S. ; Sim, K.; Chong, S.A.; Subramaniam, M.
92017The mediational role of physical activity, social contact and stroke on the association between age, education, employment and dementia in an Asian older adult populationAbdin, E; Chong, S.A; Peh, C.X; Vaingankar, J.A; Chua, B.Y; Verma, S ; Jeyagurunathan, A; Shafie, S; Subramaniam, M
102017Trajectories of positive, negative and general psychopathology symptoms in first episode psychosis and their relationship with functioning over a 2-year follow-up periodAbdin E.; Chong S.A.; Vaingankar J.A.; Peh C.X.; Poon L.Y.; Rao S. ; Verma S. ; Subramaniam M.