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Asharani P V Nair
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AshaRani, P.V.
Asharani, P.V.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
117-Sep-2009Anti-proliferative activity of silver nanoparticlesAshaRani, P.V. ; Hande, M.P. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
2Mar-2011Comparison of the toxicity of silver, gold and platinum nanoparticles in developing zebrafish embryosAsharani, P.V. ; Lianwu, Y.; Gong, Z. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
324-Feb-2009Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in human cellsAshaRani, P.V. ; Mun, G.L.K.; Hande, M.P.; Valiyaveettil, S. 
410-Feb-2012Differential regulation of intracellular factors mediating cell cycle, DNA repair and inflammation following exposure to silver nanoparticles in human cellsAshaRani, P.V. ; Sethu, S.; Lim, H.K.; Balaji, G.; Valiyaveettil, S. ; Hande, M.P.
52010DNA damage and p53-mediated growth arrest in human cells treated with platinum nanoparticlesAsharani, P.V. ; Xinyi, N.; Valiyaveettil, S. ; Hande, M.P. 
62012Enhanced genotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in DNA repair deficient mammalian cellsLim, H.K.; Asharani, P.V. ; Hande, M.P.
72011Health impact and safety of engineered nanomaterialsTeow, Y.; Asharani, P.V. ; Hande, M.P.; Valiyaveettil, S. 
8Jul-2008Impact of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on aquatic speciesAsharani, P.V. ; Serina, N.G.B.; Nurmawati, M.H.; Wu, Y.L.; Gong, Z. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
92010Investigations on the structural damage in human erythrocytes exposed to silver, gold, and platinum nanoparticlesAsharani, P.V. ; Vadukumpully, S.; Valiyaveettil, S. ; Sethu, S. ; Hande, M.P. ; Zhong, S. ; Lim, C.T. 
101-Dec-2021Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and smoking status among psychiatric patients in Singapore – a cross-sectional studySeet, V; Abdin, E; Asharani, PV ; Lee, YY; Roystonn, K ; Wang, P; Devi, F; Cetty, L; Teh, WL; Verma, S ; Mok, YM; Subramaniam, M 
111-May-2022Purpose in Life in Older Adults: A Systematic Review on Conceptualization, Measures, and DeterminantsAshaRani, P ; Lai, Damien ; Koh, JingXuan; Subramaniam, Mythily 
121-Mar-2022Recognition of diabetes and sociodemographic predictors: results of a cross-sectional nationwide population-based survey in SingaporeRoystonn, Kumarasan; Lau, Jue Hua; AshaRani, P ; Kumar, Fiona Devi Siva; Wang, Peizhi; Sum, Chee Fang; Lee, Eng Sing; Chong, Siow Ann ; Subramaniam, Mythily 
131-Dec-2021The Prevalence and Correlates of Disability in Singapore: Results from a Nationwide Cross-Sectional SurveySubramaniam, Mythily ; Koh, Yen Sin; AshaRani, PV ; Devi, Fiona; Shafie, Saleha; Wang, Peizhi; Abdin, Edimansyah; Vaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; Sum, Chee Fang; Lee, Eng Sing; Chong, Siow Ann 
1425-Jun-2008Toxicity of silver nanoparticles in zebrafish modelsAsharani, P.V. ; Lian Wu, Y.; Gong, Z. ; Valiyaveettil, S.