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Gong, Z.
Gong Zhiyuan
Gong, Z.
Gong, Z.-Y.
Gong, Zhiyuan
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-1999A class of neuroD-related basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors expressed in developing central nervous system in zebrafishLiao, J.; He, J. ; Yan, T.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
2Nov-2011A high level of liver-specific expression of oncogenic Kras V12 drives robust liver tumorigenesis in transgenic zebrafishNguyen, A.T.; Emelyanov, A.; Koh, C.H.V. ; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S.; Parinov, S.; Gong, Z. 
32010A metabonomic investigation of zebrafish exposed to bisphenol ADuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Zhao, N.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. ; Ong, C.-N. 
411-May-1998A new splicing variant of a type III POU gene from zebrafish encodes a POU protein with a distinct C-terminalLim, J.H.; He, J. ; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
55-Sep-2001A novel zebrafish bHLH gene, neurogenin3, is expressed in the hypothalamusWang, X.; Chu, L.T.; He, J. ; Emelyanov, A.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
618-Aug-2004A novel zebrafish kelchlike gene klhl and its human ortholog KLHL display conserved expression patterns in skeletal and cardiac musclesWu, Y.L. ; Gong, Z. 
7Mar-2013A transgenic zebrafish liver tumor model with inducible Myc expression reveals conserved Myc signatures with mammalian liver tumorsLi, Z. ; Zheng, W.; Wang, Z. ; Zeng, Z. ; Zhan, H. ; Li, C.; Zhou, L.; Yan, C.; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Gong, Z. 
83-Oct-2000A zebrafish vitellogenin gene (vg3) encodes a novel vitellogenin without a phosvitin domain and may represent a primitive vertebrate vitellogenin geneWang, H. ; Yan, T.; Tan, J.T.T.; Gong, Z. 
9Sep-2011A Δraf1-ER-inducible oncogenic zebrafish liver cell model identifies hepatocellular carcinoma signaturesHe, S.; Krens, S.F.G.; Zhan, H. ; Gong, Z. ; Hogendoorn, P.C.W.; Spaink, H.P.; Snaar-Jagalska, B.E.
102018Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells During Liver Carcinogenesis Requires Fibrinogen/Integrin ?v?5 in ZebrafishYan, C. ; Yang, Q. ; Gong, Z. 
112017Activation of liver stromal cells is associated with male-biased liver tumor initiation in xmrk and Myc transgenic zebrafishYang, Q ; Yan, C ; Gong, Z 
122016Acute exposure to tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCIPP) causes hepatic inflammation and leads to hepatotoxicity in zebrafishLiu, C ; Su, G; Giesy, J.P; Letcher, R.J; Li, G; Agrawal, I ; Li, J; Yu, L; Wang, J; Gong, Z 
131999Adaptation of inverse PCR to generate an internal deletionXu, Y.; Gong, Z. 
141997An abundant zebrafish cDNA clone encodes a ras-like protein which is expressed ubiquitouslyLiao, J.; He, J. ; Gong, Z. 
151-Nov-1997An alternative linker-mediated polymerase chain reaction method using a dideoxynucleotide to reduce amplification backgroundLiao, J.; Chan, C.H.; Gong, Z. 
16Jan-2012An inducible kras V12 transgenic zebrafish model for liver tumorigenesis and chemical drug screeningNguyen, A.T.; Emelyanov, A.; Koh, C.H.V. ; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Parinov, S.; Gong, Z. 
1715-May-2006Analyses of pancreas development by generation of gfp transgenic zebrafish using an exocrine pancreas-specific elastaseA gene promoterWan, H.; Korzh, S. ; Li, Z. ; Mudumana, S.P.; Korzh, V. ; Jiang, Y.-J.; Lin, S.; Gong, Z. 
18Mar-2010Application of zebrafish microarray on the toxicity mechanism study of bisphenol ADuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Feng, M.-F.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. 
191998Assembly of a complete zebrafish mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene from overlapping expressed sequence tagsYan, T.; Gong, Z. 
202000Asynchronous activation of 10 muscle-specific protein (MSP) genes during zebrafish somitogenesisXu, Y.; He, J. ; Wang, X.; Lim, T.M. ; Gong, Z.