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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2021Colorectal cancer in patients with single versus double positive faecal immunochemical test results: A retrospective cohort study from a public tertiary hospitalLim, Tian Zhi; Lau, Jerrald ; Wong, Gretel Jianlin ; Tan, Ker-Kan 
222-Jul-2023Exploring protective psychological factors of healthcare professionals during COVID-19 in Singapore: A qualitative studyMichiko Nagashima-Hayashi ; Pearlyn Neo; Sarah Gan; Gretel Jianlin Wong ; Marianne Ravn Knop ; Pami Shrestha ; Jerrald Lau ; Emily Chew; Win Sen Kuan; Ker-Kan Tan ; Farah Shiraz 
314-Sep-2021Factors predicting improved compliance towards colonoscopy in individuals with positive faecal immunochemical test (FIT)Lim, Tian-Zhi; Lau, Jerrald ; Wong, Gretel Jianlin ; Tan, Lavine Yen-Ting; Chang, Yu-Jing; Natarajan, Karthiga; Yi, Huso ; Wong, Mee-Lian ; Tan, Ker-Kan 
416-Jan-2021Prepared and highly committed despite the risk of COVID-19 infection: a cross-sectional survey of primary care physicians’ concerns and coping strategies in SingaporeLau, Jerrald ; Tan, David Hsien-Yung; Wong, Gretel Jianlin ; Lew, Yii-Jen; Chua, Ying-Xian; Low, Lian-Leng ; Ho, Han-Kwee; Kwek, Thiam-Soo; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee-Shiow ; Tan, Ker-Kan 
5Dec-2020The health belief model and colorectal cancer screening in the general population: A systematic reviewLau, J. ; Lim, T.-Z.; Jianlin Wong, G. ; Tan, K.-K. 
618-Feb-2021The impact of COVID-19 on private and public primary care physicians: A cross-sectional studyLau, Jerrald ; Tan, David Hsien-Yung ; Wong, Gretel Jianlin ; Lew, Yii-Jen ; Chua, Ying-Xian; Low, Lian-Leng ; Koh, Gerald Choon-Huat ; Kwek, Thiam-Soo ; Toh, Sue-Anne Ee-Shiow ; Tan, Ker-Kan