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Volker Patzel
Patzel, Volker
Patzel, V.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2013A universal TaqMan-based RT-PCR protocol for cost-efficient detection of small noncoding RNAJung, Ulrike; JIANG XIAOOU ; Kaufmann, Stefan H E; Volker Patzel 
21-Sep-2016Advanced design of dumbbell-shaped genetic minimal vectors improves non-coding and coding RNA expressionJIANG XIAOOU ; YU HAN ; TEO CUI RONG ; Tan, Genim Siu Xian; Goh, Sok Chin; Patel, Parasvi; Chua, Yiqiang Kevin; Hameed, Nasirah Banu Sahul; Antonio Bertoletti ; Volker Patzel 
35-Aug-2017Advanced Design of Minimalistic Dumbbell-shaped Gene Expression VectorsJiang Xiaoou ; Volker Patzel 
41-Jan-2015Efficient production of superior dumbbell-shaped DNA minimal vectors for small hairpin RNA expressionYU HAN ; JIANG XIAOOU ; TAN KAR TONG ; Hang, Liting; Volker Patzel 
51-Jun-2017Expression of Herpes Simplex Virus Thymidine Kinase/Ganciclovir by RNA Trans-Splicing Induces Selective Killing of HIV-Producing CellsIngemarsdotter, Carin K; Sushmita Poddar ; Mercier, Sarah; Volker Patzel ; Lever, Andrew M L
65-Jun-2017Formation of Minimised Hairpin Template-transcribing Dumbbell Vectors for Small RNA ExpressionJiang Xiaoou ; Volker Patzel 
71-Nov-2013Homologous SV40 RNA trans-splicing: A new mechanism for diversification of viral sequences and phenotypesEul, Joachim; Volker Patzel 
82014Homologous SV40 RNA trans-splicing: Special case or prime example of viral RNA trans-splicing?Sushmita Poddar ; Volker Patzel ; Joachim Eul
92014Micro-RNAs in regenerating lungs: an integrative systems biology analysis of murine influenza pneumoniaTan Kai Sen ; Choi Hyung Won ; Jiang Xiaoou ; Yin Lu; SEET JU EE ; Volker Patzel ; Engelward, Bevin P.; CHOW TAK KWONG,VINCENT 
1013-May-2014The Role of Guide RNA Structure in RNA InterferenceVolker Patzel 
116-Dec-2013Viral RNA Trans-Splicing: Chance Event or Product of Evolution?Volker Patzel