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Huang, G.F.
Huang, G.


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1Mar-2011Activated oncogenic pathways and therapeutic targets in extranodal nasal-type NK/T cell lymphoma revealed by gene expression profilingNg, S.-B.; Selvarajan, V.; Huang, G. ; Zhou, J. ; Feldman, A.L.; Law, M.; Kwong, Y.-L.; Shimizu, N.; Kagami, Y.; Aozasa, K.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chng, W.-J.
2Jun-2011Clinical and biological implications of MYC activation: A common difference between MGUS and newly diagnosed multiple myelomaChng, W.-J.; Huang, G.F. ; Chung, T.H. ; Ng, S.B.; Gonzalez-Paz, N.; Troska-Price, T.; Mulligan, G.; Chesi, M.; Bergsagel, P.L.; Fonseca, R.
32013Clonogenic multiple myeloma cells have shared stemness signature associated with patient survivalReghunathan, R. ; Bi, C.; Liu, S.C.; Loong, K.T.; Chung, T.-H. ; Huang, G. ; Chng, W.J.
4Oct-2013Deregulated MIR335 that targets MAPK1 is implicated in poor outcome of paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaYan, J. ; Jiang, N.; Huang, G. ; Tay, J.L.-S.; Lin, B.; Bi, C.; Koh, G.S.; Li, Z.; Tan, J.; Chung, T.-H. ; Lu, Y.; Ariffin, H.; Kham, S.K.Y.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Chng, W.-J.
52011Determinants of sensitivity to DZNep induced Apoptosis in multiple myeloma cellsXie, Z. ; Bi, C.; Cheong, L.L.; Liu, S.C.; Huang, G. ; Zhou, J. ; Yu, Q.; Chen, C.-S.; Chng, W.J.
63-Nov-2011Dysregulated microRNAs affect pathways and targets of biologic relevance in nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphomaNg, S.-B.; Yan, J. ; Huang, G. ; Selvarajan, V.; Tay, J.L.-S.; Lin, B.; Bi, C.; Tan, J.; Kwong, Y.-L.; Shimizu, N.; Aozasa, K.; Chng, W.-J.
72015Genome-wide pharmacologic unmasking identifies tumor suppressive microRNAs in multiple myelomaBi, C; Chung, T.-H ; Huang, G ; Zhou, J ; Yan, J ; Ahmann, G.J; Fonseca, R; Chng, W.J 
8May-2012Genomic analysis of marginal zone and lymphoplasmacytic lymphomas identified common and disease-specific abnormalitiesBraggio, E.; Dogan, A.; Keats, J.J.; Chng, W.J.; Huang, G. ; Matthews, J.M.; Maurer, M.J.; Law, M.E.; Bosler, D.S.; Barrett, M.; Lossos, I.S.; Witzig, T.E.; Fonseca, R.
91-Aug-2012Multiple myeloma-associated chromosomal translocation activates orphan snoRNA ACA11 to suppress oxidative stressChu, L.; Su, M.Y.; Maggi Jr., L.B.; Lu, L.; Mullins, C.; Crosby, S.; Huang, G. ; Chng, W.J.; Vij, R.; Tomasson, M.H.