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12006Airway inflammation contributes to health status in COPD: A cross-sectional studySnoeck-Stroband, J; Postma, D.S; Lapperre, T.S ; Gosman, M.M.E; Thiadens, H.A; Kauffman, H.F; Sont, J.K; Jansen, D.F; Sterk, P.J
22019A clinical prediction model for hospitalized COPD exacerbations based on “treatable traits”Yii, A.C.A.; Loh, C.H.; Tiew, P.Y.; Xu, H.; Taha, A.A.M.; Koh, J.; Tan, J.; Lapperre, T.S. ; Anzueto, A.; Tee, A.K.H.
31-Sep-2021Dysfunctional bronchial cilia are a feature of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Biju Thomas ; Mariko Siyue Koh ; Chris O'Callaghan; JOHN ALLEN ; Andrew Rutman; Rob Hirst; John Connolly ; Su Ying Low ; Ong Thun How ; Loo Chian Min ; Darren Wan Teck Lim ; Oon Lin Ean Lynette ; Qixian He; Oon Hoe Teoh ; Therese Lapperre 
42014Fixed airways obstruction among patients with severe asthma: Findings from the Singapore General Hospital-Severe Asthma Phenotype StudyYii, A.C.A; Tan, G.L; Tan, K.L ; Lapperre, T.S ; Koh, M.S 
52013Inhaled Steroids Modulate Extracellular Matrix Composition in Bronchial Biopsies of COPD Patients: A Randomized, Controlled TrialKunz L.I.Z.; Strebus J.; Budulac S.E.; Lapperre T.S. ; Sterk P.J.; Postma D.S.; Mauad T.; Timens W.; Hiemstra P.S.
62015Prediction of long-term benefits of inhaled steroids by phenotypic markers in moderateto-severe COPD: A randomized controlled trialSnoeck-Stroband J.B.; Lapperre T.S. ; Sterk P.J.; Hiemstra P.S.; Thiadens H.A.; Boezen H.M.; Ten Hacken N.H.T.; Kerstjens H.A.M.; Postma D.S.; Timens W.; Sont J.K.
72007Smoking cessation and bronchial epithelial remodelling in COPD: a cross-sectional studyLapperre, T.S ; Sont, J.K; van Schadewijk, A; Gosman, M.M.E; Postma, D.S; Bajema, I.M; Timens, W; Mauad, T; Hiemstra, P.S
82011Smoking status and anti-inflammatory macrophages in bronchoalveolar lavage and induced sputum in COPDKunz, L.I.Z; Lapperre, T.S ; Snoeck-Stroband, J.B; Budulac, S.E; Timens, W; van Wijngaarden, S; Schrumpf, J.A; Rabe, K.F; Postma, D.S; Sterk, P.J; Hiemstra, P.S
92014Steroid resistance in COPD? overlap and differential anti-inflammatory effects in smokers and ex-smokersHoonhorst S.J.M.; Ten Hacken N.H.T.; Vonk J.M.; Timens W.; Hiemstra P.S.; Lapperre T.S. ; Sterk P.J.; Postma D.S.
102012Toll-Like Receptor (TLR2 and TLR4) Polymorphisms and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseBudulac S.E.; Boezen H.M.; Hiemstra P.S.; Lapperre T.S. ; Vonk J.M.; Timens W.; Postma D.S.; Kauffman H.F.; de Reus D.; Jansen D.F.; Barentsen M.D.W.; Zeinstra-Smit M.; Luteijn A.J.; van der Molen T.; ter Veen G.; Gosman M.M.E.; ten Hacken N.H.T.; Kerstjens H.A.M.; van Maaren M.S.; Veltman C.A.; Verbokkem A.; Verhage I.; Vink-Klooster H.K.; Snoeck-Stroband J.B.; Thiadens H.; Sont J.K.; Bajema I.; Gast-Strookman J.; Janssen K.; Rabe K.F.; van Schadewijk A.; Smit-Bakker J.; Stolk J.; Tire' A.C.J.A.; van der Veen H.; Wijffels M.M.E.; Willems L.N.A.; Sterk P.J.; Mauad T.