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12009A multi-analytical approach for metabolomic profiling of zebrafish (Danio rerio) liversOng, E.S. ; Chor, C.F. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. 
22020An integrated metabolomics study of glucosinolate metabolism in different brassicaceae generaLiu, Y.; Rossi, M. ; Liang, X. ; Zhang, H. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. 
39-May-2022Annexin-A1 deficiency attenuates stress-induced tumor growth via fatty acid metabolism in mice: an Integrated multiple omics analysis on the stress- microbiome-metabolite-epigenetic-oncology (SMMEO) axisCui, Jianzhou ; Karishma Sachaphibulkij ; Wen Shiun Teo ; Hong Meng Lim ; Li Zou ; Choon Nam Ong ; Rudi Alberts ; Jinmiao Chen ; Lina H. K. Lim 
42018Comparison of hepatic and serum lipid signatures in hepatocellular carcinoma patients leads to the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkersLu, Y ; Chen, J; Huang, C; Li, N; Zou, L ; Chia, S.E ; Chen, S; Yu, K; Ling, Q; Cheng, Q; Zhu, M; Zhang, W; Chen, M; Ong, C.N 
52009Effects of bisphenol A on the metabolites of zebrafish embryosDuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Zhao, N.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. ; Zou, L. ; Li, W.; Ong, E.-S. ; Ong, C.-N. 
62010Experiment-originated variations, and multi-peak and multi-origination phenomena in derivatization-based GC-MS metabolomicsXu, F. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. 
72008Gold nanoparticles induce oxidative damage in lung fibroblasts in vitroLi, J.J.; Yung, L.-Y.L. ; Hartono, D.; Bay, B.-H.; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.-N.
82017Meat and seafood consumption in relation to plasma metabolic profiles in a Chinese population: A combined untargeted and targeted metabolomics studyLu, Y ; Zou, L ; Su, J; Tai, E ; Whitton, C ; van Dam, R.M ; Ong, C.N 
92009Multiorigination of chromatographic peaks in derivatized GC/MS metabolomics: A confounder that influences metabolic pathway interpretationXu, F. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. 
1011-Mar-2021Nutritional metabolites in Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis var. parachinensis (choy sum) at three different growth stages: microgreen, seedling and adult plant.ZOU LI ; TAN WEE KEE ; DU YUANYUAN ; LEE HUI WEN ; LIANG XU ; LEI JIAJIA ; STRIEGEL LISA; WEBER NADINE; RYCHLIK MICHAEL; ONG CHOON NAM 
112019Serum amino acids in association with prevalent and incident type 2 diabetes in a Chinese populationLu, Y ; Wang, Y ; Liang, X ; Zou, L ; Ong, C.N ; Yuan, J.-M; Koh, W.-P ; Pan, A
122018Simultaneous Quantification of 22 Glucosinolates in 12 Brassicaceae Vegetables by Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography-Tandem Mass SpectrometryLiang, X. ; Lee, H.W. ; Li, Z.; Lu, Y. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. 
132009Use of liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry and online databases for identification of phosphocholines and lysophosphatidylcholines in human red blood cellsXu, F. ; Zou, L. ; Ong, C.N. ; Lin, Q.