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Siew Hong Lam
Siew, H.L.
Lam, S.H.
Lam, S.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2011A high level of liver-specific expression of oncogenic Kras V12 drives robust liver tumorigenesis in transgenic zebrafishNguyen, A.T.; Emelyanov, A.; Koh, C.H.V. ; Spitsbergen, J.M.; Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S.; Parinov, S.; Gong, Z. 
22010A metabonomic investigation of zebrafish exposed to bisphenol ADuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Zhao, N.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. ; Ong, C.-N. 
32017Aestivation induces changes in the mRNA expression levels and protein abundance of two isoforms of urea transporters in the gills of the African Lungfish, Protopterus annectensChng, Y.R ; Ong, J.L.Y; Ching, B ; Chen, X.L ; Hiong, K.C ; Wong, W.P ; Chew, S.F; Lam, S.H ; Ip, Y.K 
4Aug-2012An investigation of the bioactivation potential and metabolism profile of zebrafish versus humanChng, H.T.; Ho, H.K. ; Yap, C.W. ; Lam, S.H. ; Chan, E.C.Y. 
5Mar-2010Application of zebrafish microarray on the toxicity mechanism study of bisphenol ADuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Feng, M.-F.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. 
6May-2012Both seawater acclimation and environmental ammonia exposure lead to increases in mRNA expression and protein abundance of Na +:K +:2Cl - cotransporter in the gills of the climbing perch, Anabas testudineusLoong, A.M.; Chew, S.F.; Wong, W.P.; Lam, S.H. ; Ip, Y.K. 
72018Classroom Observation for the Professional Development of Myanmar University Lecturers in a Singapore Cross-Cultural Context: Perception of Abilities and Learning Based on ‘Nine Events of Instruction’.Lam Siew Hong 
81-Dec-2009Comparative transcriptome analyses revealed conserved biological and transcription factor target modules between the zebrafish and human tumorsUng, C.Y. ; Lam, S.H. ; Gong, Z. 
9Jan-2006Conservation of gene expression signatures between zebrafish and human liver tumors and tumor progressionSiew, H.L. ; Yi, L.W. ; Vega, V.B.; Miller, L.D.; Spitsbergen, J.; Tong, Y. ; Zhan, H. ; Govindarajan, K.R.; Lee, S.; Mathavan, S.; Murthy, K.R.K.; Buhler, D.R.; Liu, E.T.; Gong, Z. 
10Aug-2012Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in the gills of the climbing perch, Anabas testudineus, is involved in both hypoosmotic regulation during seawater acclimation and active ammonia excretion during ammonia exposureIp, Y.K. ; Wilson, J.M.; Loong, A.M.; Chen, X.L.; Wong, W.P.; Delgado, I.L.S.; Lam, S.H. ; Chew, S.F.
11Jan-2004Development and maturation of the immune system in zebrafish, Danio rerio: A gene expression profiling, in situ hybridization and immunological studyLam, S.H. ; Chua, H.L.; Gong, Z. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. 
1215-Nov-2005Development of estrogen-responsive transgenic medaka for environmental monitoring of endocrine disruptersZeng, Z. ; Shan, T.; Tong, Y. ; Lam, S.H. ; Gong, Z. 
132014Differential transcriptomic analyses revealed genes and signaling pathways involved in iono-osmoregulation and cellular remodeling in the gills of euryhaline Mozambique tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicusLam S.H. ; Lui E.Y. ; Li Z. ; Cai S.; Sung W.-K. ; Mathavan S. ; Lam T.J. ; Ip Y.K. 
142009Effects of bisphenol A on the metabolites of zebrafish embryosDuan, Z.-H.; Zhu, L.; Zhao, N.; Bu, W.-J.; Lam, S.-H. ; Gong, Z.-Y. ; Zou, L. ; Li, W.; Ong, E.-S. ; Ong, C.-N. 
15Jul-2005Effects of thyroid hormone on the development of immune system in zebrafishLam, S.H. ; Sin, Y.M. ; Gong, Z. ; Lam, T.J. 
162018Enhancing undergraduates' confidence in research and communication through integrated course design.Lam Siew Hong ; Mok, Jeffrey Chi Hoe; Gan, Mark Joo Seng
171-Nov-2018Equipping Our Undergraduates With Essential Generic SkillsFor Future Competitiveness: Why, What, When, and How?Siew Hong, Lam ; Yuen Kwong, Ip 
1829-Nov-2011Existence of inverted profile in chemically responsive molecular pathways in the zebrafish liverUng, C.Y. ; Lam, S.H. ; Zhang, X.; Li, H.; Ma, J.; Zhang, L. ; Li, B. ; Gong, Z. 
1931-Jan-2014Expression of key ion transporters in the gill and esophageal- gastrointestinal tract of euryhaline mozambique tilapia oreochromis mossambicus acclimated to fresh water, seawater and hypersaline waterLi, Z.; Lui, E.Y.; Wilson, J.M.; Ip, Y.K. ; Lin, Q.; Lam, T.J.; Lam, S.H. 
2029-Jul-2013Genome-Wide Identification of Molecular Pathways and Biomarkers in Response to Arsenic Exposure in Zebrafish LiverXu, H. ; Lam, S.H. ; Shen, Y. ; Gong, Z.