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Sim, Meng Kwoon
(not current staff)
Kwoon, S.M.
Sim M.-K.
Sim, M.-K.
Sim, M.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11989Absence of a high-affinity binding site for acetylcholine in the aorta of the spontaneously hypertensive ratManjeet, S.; Sim, M.K. 
22000Acetylcholinesterase-independent action of diisopropyl-flurophosphate in the rat aortaLim, S.L.; Sim, M.K. ; Loke, W.K.
32000Actions of angiotensin peptides on the rabbit pulmonary arteryTan, L.M.Y.; Sim, M.K. 
41995Actions of D-amino acid-substituted analogues of des-Asp-angiotensin I on the central pressor action of angiotensin IIIRadhakrishnan, R.; Sim, M.K. 
51998Actions of des-Asp-angiotensin I on the aortic rings of the normo- and hypertensive ratsLim, B.C.; Sim, M.K. 
61993Actions of norepinephrine and angiotensin II on aortic rings of adult and aged normotensive and hypertensive ratsKuttan, S.C.; Sim, M.K. 
72009Adaptation of human influenza H3N2 virus in a mouse pneumonitis model: insights into viral virulence, tissue tropism and host pathogenesisNarasaraju, T.; Ng, H.H.; Phoon, M.C.; Chow, V.T.K. ; Sim, M.K. ; Shanker, N.; Lal, S.K.
81998Angiotensin AT1 receptor subtypes in the rabbit pulmonary arterySim, M.K. ; Lim, S.L. 
91990Angiotensin converting enzyme in the endothelium and smooth msucle cum adventitia of the normo- and hypertensive rat aortaSim, M.K. 
101990Angiotensin converting enzyme in the endothelium and smooth muscle cum adventitia of the normo- and hypertensive rat aortaSim, M.K. 
111993Angiotensin II-induced tachyphylaxis in aortas of normo- and hypertensive rats: Changes in receptor affinityKuttan, S.C.; Sim, M.K. 
122003Angiotensins in plasma of hypertensive rats and humanSim, M.K. ; Qui, X.S.
131989Atropine- and scopolamine-resistant subtypes of muscarinic receptors in the rabbit aortaManjeet, S.; Sim, M.K. 
142010Attenuated Bordetella pertussis protects against highly pathogenic influenza A viruses by dampening the cytokine stormLi, R. ; Lim, A. ; Phoon, M.C.; Narasaraju, T.; Ng, J.K.W.; Chow, V.T. ; Alonso, S. ; Poh, W.P. ; Sim, M.K. ; Locht, C.
151994Central dopaminergic neurons in tilapia: Effects of gonadectomy and hypothalamic lesionParhar, I.S.; Sim, M.K. 
161991Central monoamine oxidase and phenolsulfotransferase activities in spontaneously hypertensive ratsSim, M.K. 
171987Decreased Na+K+ATPase activity in the aortic endothelium and smooth muscle of the spontaneously hypertensive ratsManjeet, S.; Sim, M.K. 
181987Decreased responsiveness of the aortae of hypertensive rats to acetylcholine, histamine and noradrenalineSim, M.K. ; Singh, M. 
191993Degradation of angiotensin I in the endothelium and smooth muscle of the rat aortaSim, M.K. 
201994Degradation of angiotensin I to [des-Asp1]angiotensin I by a novel aminopeptidase in the rat hypothalamusSim, M.K. ; Choo, M.H.H.; Qiu, X.S.