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Title: Effect of double dose oseltamivir on clinical and virological outcomes in children and adults admitted to hospital with severe influenza: Double blind randomised controlled trial
Authors: Sedyaningsih, E.R.
Malik, M.S.
Setiawaty, V.
Trihono, T.
Burhan, E.
Aditama, T.Y.
Soepandi, P.Z.
Partakusuma, L.G.
Sutiyoso, A.P.
Priatni, I.
Jusuf, H.
Pranggono, E.H.
Soeroto, A.Y.
Setiabudi, D.
Somasetia, D.H.
Sudarwati, S.
Maskoen, T.T.
Hartantri, Y.
Parwati, I.
Giriputro, S.
Murniati, D.
Sirait, S.M.
Soetanto, T.
Sulastri, S.
Agus, R.
Rusli, A.
Wiweka, S.
Wignall, S.
Baird, K.
Safika, I.
Sangsajja, C.
Manosuthi, W.
Sutha, P.
Chuchottaworn, C.
Sansayunh, P.
Bangpattanasiri, K.
Taylor, W.R.J.
Stepniewska, K.
Fukuda, C.
Lindegardh, N.
White, N.
Day, N.
Chotpitayasunondh, T.
Suntarattiwong, P.
Chantbuddhiwet, U.
Netsawang, S.
Chokephaibulkit, K.
Vanprapar, N.
Prasitsuebsai, W.
Wittawatmongkol, O.
Anekthananon, T.
Ratanasuwan, W.
Rongrungruang, Y.
Puthavathana, P.
Tambyah, P.A. 
Leo, Y.-S. 
Fisher, D. 
Chai, L. 
Lee, L. 
Lin, R.
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Thinh, L.Q.
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Hayden, F.
Hien, T.T.
Fox, A.
De Jong, M.D.
Horby, P.
Wertheim, H.L.
Van Doorn, H.R.
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2013
Citation: Sedyaningsih, E.R., Malik, M.S., Setiawaty, V., Trihono, T., Burhan, E., Aditama, T.Y., Soepandi, P.Z., Partakusuma, L.G., Sutiyoso, A.P., Priatni, I., Jusuf, H., Pranggono, E.H., Soeroto, A.Y., Setiabudi, D., Somasetia, D.H., Sudarwati, S., Maskoen, T.T., Hartantri, Y., Parwati, I., Giriputro, S., Murniati, D., Sirait, S.M., Soetanto, T., Sulastri, S., Agus, R., Rusli, A., Wiweka, S., Wignall, S., Baird, K., Safika, I., Sangsajja, C., Manosuthi, W., Sutha, P., Chuchottaworn, C., Sansayunh, P., Bangpattanasiri, K., Taylor, W.R.J., Stepniewska, K., Fukuda, C., Lindegardh, N., White, N., Day, N., Chotpitayasunondh, T., Suntarattiwong, P., Chantbuddhiwet, U., Netsawang, S., Chokephaibulkit, K., Vanprapar, N., Prasitsuebsai, W., Wittawatmongkol, O., Anekthananon, T., Ratanasuwan, W., Rongrungruang, Y., Puthavathana, P., Tambyah, P.A., Leo, Y.-S., Fisher, D., Chai, L., Lee, L., Lin, R., Minh, N.N.Q., Khanh, T.H., Thoa, L.P.K., Tuan, L.A., Dung, T.T.M., Ha, L.T.T., Qui, L.M., Thinh, L.Q., Anh, N.N.T., Tuan, T.A., Nhien, T.H., Phuong, B.P., Qui, P.T., Thy, T.C., Vu, B.X., Tinh, L.B.B., Thanh, D.T., Khanh, V.P., Viet, D.C., Thuy, T.T., Bao, V.Q., Trung, L.N.N., Thoa, H.T.K., Anh, T.T.N., Loan, T.T.T., Huong, T.Q., Le, N.T.H., Viet, H.L., Tuan, H.M., Ha, N.T.T., Chau, N.V.V., Truong, N.T., Thao, L.T.T., Phong, N.T., Hien, P.T.D., Men, P.T.H., Tam, C.T., Diet, T.V., Hao, N.V., Van Kinh, N., Hien, N.D., Ha, N.H., Van Tuyet, H., Phuc, N.N., Thai, N.Q., Chinh, L.Q., Cap, N.T., Phu, V.D., Ninh, T.T.H., Trung, N.V., Liem, N.T., Huy, B.V., San, L.T., Phuc, P.H., Tuan, H.A., Tung, C.V., Thanh, D.T.M., Ngoc, L.X., Hung, P.V., Hung, D.V., Hien, P.T., Beigel, J., Polis, M., Higgs, E., Ngoc, N.M., Ngan, T.T., Tham, N.T., Tam, D.T., BKrong, N.T.T.C., Uyen, L.T.T., Hang, V.T.T., Thanh, T.T., Bryant, J.E., Ha, D.Q., Hien, V.M., Nguyet, L.A., Nhu, L.N.T., Khuong, H.D., Stockwell, E., Merson, L., Farrar, J.J., Hayden, F., Hien, T.T., Fox, A., De Jong, M.D., Horby, P., Wertheim, H.L., Van Doorn, H.R. (2013-06-08). Effect of double dose oseltamivir on clinical and virological outcomes in children and adults admitted to hospital with severe influenza: Double blind randomised controlled trial. BMJ (Online) 346 (7911) : -. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the validity of recommendations in treatment guidelines to use higher than approved doses of oseltamivir in patients with severe influenza. Design: Double blind randomised trial. Setting: Thirteen hospitals in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Participants: Patients aged ≥1 year admitted to hospital with confirmed severe influenza. Interventions: Oral oseltamivir at double dose (150 mg twice a day/paediatric equivalent) versus standard dose (75 mg twice a day/paediatric equivalent). Main outcome measure: Viral status according to reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for influenza RNA in nasal and throat swabs on day five. Results: Of 326 patients (including 246 (75.5%) children aged
Source Title: BMJ (Online)
ISSN: 17561833
DOI: 10.1136/bmj.f3039
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