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Liam Robert Brunham
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Accurate prediction of the functional significance of single nucleotide polymorphisms and mutations in the ABCA1 geneBrunham L.R. ; Singaraja R.R. ; Pape T.D.; Kejariwal A.; Thomas P.D.; Hayden M.R. 
216-Oct-2017Association and clinical utility of NAT2 in the prediction of isoniazid-induced liver injury in Singaporean patientsChan, Sze Ling ; Chua, Angeline Poh Gek; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Chee, Cynthia Bin Eng; Jin, Shengnan; Loh, Marie ; Gan, Suay Hong; Wang, Yee Tang ; Brunham, Liam R 
31-Aug-2016Clinical Practice Recommendations for the Management and Prevention of Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss Using Pharmacogenetic MarkersLee, JW; Pussegoda, K; Rassekh, SR; Monzon, JG; Liu, G; Hwang, S; Bhavsar, AP; Pritchard, S; Ross, CJ; Amstutz, U; Carleton, BC; Hayden, MR; MacLeod, S; Smith, A ; Brunham, L ; Aminkeng, F ; Shear, NH; Koren, G; Ito, S; Madadi, P; Rieder, MJ; Kim, R; Maher, M; Flockhart, D
42016Modeling Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived-CardiomyocytesMaillet, A ; Tan, K; Chai, X ; Sadananda, S.N; Mehta, A ; Ooi, J; Hayden, M.R ; Pouladi, M.A ; Ghosh, S ; Shim, W ; Brunham, L.R 
51-Dec-2014Pharmacogenomic diversity in Singaporean populations and EuropeansBrunham, LR ; Chan, SL; Li, R; Aminkeng, F ; Liu, X; Saw, WY; Ong, RTH ; Pillai, EN ; Carleton, BC; Toh, D; Tan, SH; Koo, SH; Lee, EJD ; Chia, KS; Ross, CJD; Hayden, MR; Sung, C ; Teo, YY
61-Apr-2013Predicting Anthracycline-induced Cardiotoxicity in Children - Genome-Wide Association StudyAminkeng, Folefac ; Ross, Colin JD; Rassekh, Rod S; Brunham, Liam R ; Weissman, Cory; Dube, Marie-Pierre; Visscher, Henk; Rieder, Michael J; Carleton, Bruce C; Hayden, Michael R