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Graham Edwin Holder


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12018A clinical and molecular characterisation of CRB1-associated maculopathyKhan, K.N; Robson, A; Mahroo, O.A.R; Arno, G; Inglehearn, C.F; Armengol, M; Waseem, N; Holder, G.E ; Carss, K.J; Raymond, L.F; Webster, A.R; Moore, A.T; McKibbin, M; Van Genderen, M.M; Poulter, J.A; Michaelides, M
22006A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on cognitive and retinal function in cognitively healthy older people: The Older People and n-3 Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (OPAL) study protocol [ISRCTN72331636]Alan, D.D; Clemens, F; Elbourne, D; Fasey, N; Fletcher, A.E; Hardy, P; Holder, G.E ; Huppert, F.A; Knight, R; Letley, L; Richards, M; Truesdale, A; Vickers, M; Uauy, R
32018Clinical features of a retinopathy associated with a dominant allele of the RGR geneBa-Abbad, R.; Leys, M.; Wang, X.; Chakarova, C.; Waseem, N.; Carss, K.J.; Raymond, F.L.; Bujakowska, K.M.; Pierce, E.A.; Mahroo, O.A.; Mohamed, M.D.; Holder, G.E. ; Hummel, M.; Arno, G.; Webster, A.R.
42010Effect of 2-y n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on cognitive function in older people: A randomized, double-blind, controlled trialDangour, A.D; Allen, E; Elbourne, D; Fasey, N; Fletcher, A.E; Hardy, P; Holder, G.E ; Knight, R; Letley, L; Richards, M; Uauy, R
52017Inner retinal dysfunction in the autosomal recessive spastic ataxia of Charlevoix-SaguenayBorruat, F.-X; Holder, G.E ; Bremner, F
62018ISCEV extended protocol for the photopic On–Off ERGSustar, M; Holder, G.E ; Kremers, J; Barnes, C.S; Lei, B; Khan, N.W; Robson, A.G
72018ISCEV guide to visual electrodiagnostic proceduresRobson, A.G; Nilsson, J; Li, S; Jalali, S; Fulton, A.B; Tormene, A.P; Holder, G.E ; Brodie, S.E
82019Isolated rod dysfunction associated with a novel genotype of CNGB1Ba-Abbad, R.; Holder, G.E. ; Robson, A.G.; Neveu, M.M.; Waseem, N.; Arno, G.; Webster, A.R.
94-Jan-2020Macular maldevelopment in ATF6-mediated retinal dysfunctionMarkus Ritter; Gavin Arno; Rola Ba-Abbad; Graham Holder ; Andrew Webster
101-Jan-2019Retinal-detachment repair and vitreous-like-body reformation via a thermogelling polymer endotamponadeLIU, Z ; LIOW, SS; LAI, SL; ALLI-SHAIK, A ; HOLDER, GE ; PARIKH, BH ; KRISHNAKUMAR, S; LI, Z; TAN, MJ ; GUNARATNE, J ; BARATHI, VA ; HUNZIKER, W ; LAKSHMINARAYANAN, R ; TAN, CWT ; CHEE, CK; ZHAO, P ; LINGAM, G ; LOH, XJ ; SU, X 
1115-Mar-2021Severe retinal vasculitis in systemic lupus erythematosus leading to vision threatening paracentral acute middle maculopathyDaniel Chin; Nicola Gan; Graham Holder ; Melissa Tien; Rupesh Agrawal; Mona Manghani