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Trau, Dieter Wilhelm
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Trau, Dieter Wilhelm
Trau, Dieter
Dieter, T.
Trau, D.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Mar-2011A 'microfluidic pinball' for on-chip generation of Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte microcapsulesKantak, C.; Beyer, S.; Yobas, L.; Bansal, T.; Trau, D. 
22013A fast point pattern matching algorithm for robust spatially addressable bead encodingDatta, A.; Kong, A.W.-K.; Ghosh, S.; Trau, D. 
315-Jan-2011A portable generic DNA bioassay system based on in situ oligonucleotide synthesis and hybridization detectionWang, C.; Trau, D. 
47-Mar-2012Assembly of biomacromolecule loaded polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules by using water soluble sacrificial templatesBeyer, S.; Bai, J.; Blocki, A.M.; Kantak, C.; Xue, Q.; Raghunath, M. ; Trau, D. 
521-May-2012Assembly of Polymer Multilayers from Organic Solvents for Biomolecule EncapsulationBeyer, S.; Bai, J.; Trau, D. 
69-Oct-2008Diffusion controlled and temperature stable microcapsule reaction compartments for high-throughput microcapsule-PCRMak, W.C. ; Cheung, K.Y. ; Trau, D. 
71-May-2005Electrochemical bioassay utilizing encapsulated electrochemical active microcrystal biolabelsWing, C.M.; Kwan, Y.C.; Trau, D. ; Warsinke, A.; Scheller, F.; Renneberg, R.
82009Fabrication of inflated LbL microcapsules with a 'bead-in-a-capsule' morphologyBai, J.; Beyer, S.; Mak, W.C.; Trau, D. 
92012Fast bead detection and inexact microarray pattern matching for in-situ encoded bead-based arrayGhosh, S.; Schmidt, A.; Trau, D. 
102015Gel pad array chip for high throughput and multi-analyte microbead-based immunoassaysZhu, Qingdi ; Trau, Dieter 
112009In-situ measurement of cellular microenvironments in a microfluidic deviceLin, Z.; Cherng-Wen, T.; Roy, P. ; Trau, D. 
129-Mar-2015Incorporation of a prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor into scaffolds: A strategy for stimulating vascularizationSham, Adeline ; Valencia, Eliana C. Martinez ; Beyer, Sebastian; Trau, Dieter Wilhelm ; Raghunath, Michael 
139-Sep-2008Influence of different polyelectrolytes on layer-by-layer microcapsule properties: Encapsulation efficiency and colloidal and temperature stabilityMak, W.C. ; Cheung, K.Y. ; Trau, D. 
145-May-2008Integrated direct DNA/protein patterning and microfabrication by focused ion beam millingJiang, J. ; Li, X.; Mak, W.C. ; Trau, D. 
1512-Jul-2010Inwards buildup of concentric polymer layers: A method for biomolecule encapsulation and microcapsule encodingBai, J.; Beyer, S.; Mak, W.C.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Trau, D. 
166-Nov-2013Inwards interweaving of polymeric layers within hydrogels: Assembly of spherical multi-shells with discrete porosity differencesPan, H.M.; Beyer, S.; Zhu, Q.; Trau, D. 
1720-Jan-2009Matrix-assisted colloidosome reverse-phase layer-by-layer encapsulating biomolecules in hydrogel microcapsules with extremely high efficiency and retention stabilityMak, W.C.; Bai, J.; Chang, X.Y.; Trau, D. 
191-Jun-2014Mitochondrial Routing of Glucose and Sucrose Polymers after Pinocytotic Uptake: Avenues for Drug DeliveryRashid, Rafi ; Beyer, Sebastian; Blocki, Anna ; Le Visage, Catherine; Trau, Dieter ; Wohland, Thorsten ; Raghunath, Michael 
202-Nov-2012Multiplex detection platform for tumor markers and glucose in serum based on a microfluidic microparticle arrayZhu, Q.; Trau, D.