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12021AB018. Social vulnerability, stressors and adaptive strategies among migrant workers in SingaporeFarwin, Aysha ; Yi, Huso ; Low, Amanda ; Howard, Natasha 
21-Mar-2019Associations Between Acute Conflict and Maternal Care Usage in Egypt: An Uncontrolled Before-and-After Study Using Demographic and Health Survey DataGopalan, Saji S; Silverwood, Richard J; Salman, Omar; Howard, Natasha 
329-Aug-2018Associations of acute conflict with equity in maternal healthcare: an uncontrolled before-and-after analysis of Egypt demographic and health survey dataGopalan, Saji Saraswathy; Silverwood, Richard; Howard, Natasha 
41-Jan-2016Can performance-based incentives improve motivation of nurses and midwives in primary facilities in northern Ghana? A quasi-experimental studyAninanya, Gifty Apiung; Howard, Natasha ; Williams, John E; Apam, Benjamin; Prytherch, Helen; Loukanova, Svetla; Kamara, Eunice Karanja; Otupiri, Easmon
51-Oct-2017Cost-effectiveness of adding indoor residual spraying to case management in Afghan refugee settlements in Northwest Pakistan during a prolonged malaria epidemicHoward, Natasha ; Guinness, Lorna; Rowland, Mark; Durrani, Naeem; Hansen, Kristian S
615-Dec-2019Drowning among fishing communities on the Tanzanian shore of lake Victoria: A mixed-methods study to examine incidence, risk factors and socioeconomic impactWhitworth, HS; Pando, J; Hansen, C; Howard, N. ; Moshi, A; Rocky, O; Mahanga, H; Jabbar, M; Ayieko, P; Kapiga, S; Grosskurth, H; Watson-Jones, D
720-Apr-2021Effects of combined decision-support and performance-based incentives on reported client satisfaction with maternal health services in primary facilities: A quasi-experimental study in the Upper East Region of GhanaAninanya, Gifty Apiung; Otupiri, Easmon; Howard, Natasha 
85-Feb-2020Efficacy and immunogenicity of a single dose of human papillomavirus vaccine compared to no vaccination or standard three and two-dose vaccination regimens: A systematic review of evidence from clinical trialsWhitworth, Hilary S; Gallagher, Katherine E; Howard, Natasha ; Mounier-Jack, Sandra; Mbwanji, Gladys; Kreimer, Aimee R; Basu, Partha; Kelly, Helen; Drolet, Melanie; Brisson, Marc; Watson-Jones, Deborah
922-Jun-2016Fair publication of qualitative research in health systems: a call by health policy and systems researchersDaniels, Karen; Loewenson, Rene; George, Asha; Howard, Natasha ; Koleva, Gergana; Lewin, Simon; Marchal, Bruno; Nambiar, Devaki; Paina, Ligia; Sacks, Emma; Sheikh, Kabir; Tetui, Moses; Theobald, Sally; Topp, Stephanie M; Zwi, Anthony B
101-Feb-2022Gender-Based Violence in the Asia-Pacific Region during COVID-19: A Hidden Pandemic behind Closed DoorsNagashima-Hayashi, Michiko; Durrance-Bagale, Anna; Marzouk, Manar; Ung, Mengieng; Lam, Sze Tung; Neo, Pearlyn ; Howard, Natasha 
111-Apr-2017Guidelines, law, and governance: disconnects in the global control of airline-associated infectious diseasesGrout, Andrea; Howard, Natasha ; Coker, Richard; Speakman, Elizabeth M
121-Mar-2020Health for all? A qualitative study of NGO support to migrants affected by structural violence in northern FrancePursch, Benita; Tate, Alexandra; Legido-Quigley, Helena; Howard, Natasha 
131-Sep-2019Healthcare under siege: a qualitative study of health-worker responses to targeting and besiegement in SyriaFardousi, Nasser; Douedari, Yazan; Howard, Natasha 
141-Dec-2017Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine coverage achievements in low and middle-income countries 2007–2016Gallagher, KE; Howard, N ; Kabakama, S; Mounier-Jack, S; Burchett, HED; LaMontagne, DS; Watson-Jones, D
154-Feb-2022Infectious disease surveillance for refugees at borders and in destination countries: a scoping reviewSaleh, Majd; Farah, Zeina; Howard, Natasha 
162020Lessons from humanitarian clusters to strengthen health system responses to mass displacement in low and middle-income countries: A scoping review.Durrance-Bagale, Anna; Salman, Omar Mukhtar; Omar, Maryam; Alhaffar, Mervat; Ferdaus, Muhammad; Newaz, Sanjida; Krishnan, Sneha; Howard, Natasha 
172-Jun-2017Lessons learnt from human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in 45 low-and middle income countriesGallagher, Katherine E; Howard, Natasha ; Kabakama, Severin; Mounier-Jack, Sandra; Griffiths, Ulla K; Feletto, Marta; Burchett, Helen ED; LaMontagne, D Scott; Watson-Jones, Deborah
1815-Mar-2017Maternal and neonatal service usage and determinants in fragile and conflict-affected situations: a systematic review of Asia and the Middle-EastGopalan, Saji S; Das, Ashis; Howard, Natasha 
196-Apr-2022Monitoring and Evaluation of National Vaccination Implementation: A Scoping Review of How Frameworks and Indicators Are Used in the Public Health Literature.Marzouk, Manar; Omar, Maryam; Sirison, Kanchanok; Ananthakrishnan, Aparna; Durrance-Bagale, Anna; Pheerapanyawaranun, Chatkamol; Porncharoen, Charatpol; Pimsarn, Nopphadol; Lam, Sze Tung; Ung, Mengieng; Mougammadou Aribou, Zeenathnisa; Dabak, Saudamini V; Isaranuwatchai, Wanrudee; Howard, Natasha 
201-Oct-2016National Health Service Principles as Experienced by Vulnerable London Migrants in "Austerity Britain": A Qualitative Study of Rights, Entitlements, and Civil-Society AdvocacyRafighi, Elham; Poduval, Shoba; Legido-Quigley, Helena ; Howard, Natasha