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Title: Lives saved with vaccination for 10 pathogens across 112 countries in a pre-covid-19 world
Authors: Toor, Jaspreet
Echeverria-Londono, Susy
Li, Xiang
Abbas, Kaja
Carter, Emily D.
Clapham, Hannah E. 
Clark, Andrew
de Villiers, Margaret J.
Eilertson, Kirsten
Ferrari, Matthew
Gamkrelidze, Ivane
Hallett, Timothy B.
Hinsley, Wes R.
Hogan, Daniel
Huber, John H.
Jackson, Michael L.
Jean, Kevin
Jit, Mark
Karachaliou, Andromachi
Klepac, Petra
Kraay, Alicia
Lessler, Justin
Li, Xi
Lopman, Benjamin A.
Mengistu, Tewodaj
Metcalf, C. Jessica E.
Moore, Sean M.
Nayagam, Shevanthi
Papadopoulos, Timos
Perkins, T. Alex
Portnoy, Allison
Razavi, Homie
Razavi-Shearer, Devin
Resch, Stephen
Sanderson, Colin
Sweet, Steven
Tam, Yvonne
Tanvir, Hira
Minh, Quan Tran
Trotter, Caroline L.
Truelove, Shaun A.
Vynnycky, Emilia
Walker, Neff
Winter, Amy
Woodruff, Kim
Ferguson, Neil M.
Gaythorpe, Katy A. M.
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2021
Publisher: eLife Sciences Publications Ltd
Citation: Toor, Jaspreet, Echeverria-Londono, Susy, Li, Xiang, Abbas, Kaja, Carter, Emily D., Clapham, Hannah E., Clark, Andrew, de Villiers, Margaret J., Eilertson, Kirsten, Ferrari, Matthew, Gamkrelidze, Ivane, Hallett, Timothy B., Hinsley, Wes R., Hogan, Daniel, Huber, John H., Jackson, Michael L., Jean, Kevin, Jit, Mark, Karachaliou, Andromachi, Klepac, Petra, Kraay, Alicia, Lessler, Justin, Li, Xi, Lopman, Benjamin A., Mengistu, Tewodaj, Metcalf, C. Jessica E., Moore, Sean M., Nayagam, Shevanthi, Papadopoulos, Timos, Perkins, T. Alex, Portnoy, Allison, Razavi, Homie, Razavi-Shearer, Devin, Resch, Stephen, Sanderson, Colin, Sweet, Steven, Tam, Yvonne, Tanvir, Hira, Minh, Quan Tran, Trotter, Caroline L., Truelove, Shaun A., Vynnycky, Emilia, Walker, Neff, Winter, Amy, Woodruff, Kim, Ferguson, Neil M., Gaythorpe, Katy A. M. (2021-07-13). Lives saved with vaccination for 10 pathogens across 112 countries in a pre-covid-19 world. eLife 10 : e67635. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Rights: Attribution 4.0 International
Abstract: Background: Vaccination is one of the most effective public health interventions. We investigate the impact of vaccination activities for Haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus, Japanese encephalitis, measles, Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A, rotavirus, rubella, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and yellow fever over the years 2000–2030 across 112 countries. Methods: Twenty-one mathematical models estimated disease burden using standardised demographic and immunisation data. Impact was attributed to the year of vaccination through vaccine-activity-stratified impact ratios. Results: We estimate 97 (95%CrI[80, 120]) million deaths would be averted due to vaccination activities over 2000–2030, with 50 (95%CrI[41, 62]) million deaths averted by activities between 2000 and 2019. For children under-5 born between 2000 and 2030, we estimate 52 (95%CrI[41, 69]) million more deaths would occur over their lifetimes without vaccination against these diseases. Conclusions: This study represents the largest assessment of vaccine impact before COVID-19-related disruptions and provides motivation for sustaining and improving global vaccination coverage in the future. © Toor et al.
Source Title: eLife
ISSN: 2050-084X
DOI: 10.7554/elife.67635
Rights: Attribution 4.0 International
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