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Luis Roman Carrasco Torrecilla
Carrasco, L.R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2014A framework for assessing supply-side wildlife conservationPhelps, J.; Carrasco, L.R. ; Webb, E.L. 
21-Oct-2021Accounting for spatial autocorrelation is needed to avoid misidentifying trade-offs and bundles among ecosystem servicesShaikh, Shaikh Fairul Edros Ahmad ; See, Sin Ching; Richards, Daniel; Belcher, Richard N.; Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne; Galleguillos Torres, Marcelo; Carrasco, L. Roman 
37-May-2013Agricultural intensification escalates future conservation costsPhelps, J.; Carrasco, L.R. ; Webb, E.L. ; Koh, L.P. ; Pascual, U.
42019An analysis of the spatial association between deforestation and agricultural field sizes in the tropics and subtropicsDang, D.K.D. ; Patterson, A.C. ; Carrasco, L.R. 
52016Analysis of the capacity of google trends to measure interest in conservation topics and the role of online newsLe Nghiem T.P. ; Papworth S.K.; Lim F.K.S. ; Carrasco L.R. 
62016Closing oil palm yield gaps among Indonesian smallholders through industry schemes, pruning, weeding and improved seedsSoliman T. ; Lim F.K.S. ; Lee J.S.H.; Carrasco L.R. 
71-Aug-2021Connection to nature is predicted by family values, social norms and personal experiences of natureOh, R. R. Y.; Fielding, K. S.; Nghiem, L. T. P. ; Chang, C. C. ; Carrasco, L. R. ; Fuller, R. A.
82018Determining environmental and anthropogenic factors which explain the global distribution of aedes aegypti and Ae. AlbopictusSun, H. ; Jit, M.; Cook, A.R. ; Carrasco, L.R. ; Dickens, B.L. 
99-Aug-2013Economic and Environmental Impacts of Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in Southeast AsiaNghiem, L.T.P.; Soliman, T.; Yeo, D.C.J. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Evans, T.A.; Mumford, J.D.; Keller, R.P.; Baker, R.H.A.; Corlett, R.T.; Carrasco, L.R. 
1012-Oct-2021Economic value of illegal wildlife trade entering the USATow, Jia Hao ; Symes, William S.; Carrasco, Luis Roman 
11Aug-2011Efficiency of pheromone traps for monitoring Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConteSchaub, L.; Furlan, L.; Tóth, M.; Steinger, T.; Carrasco, L.R. ; Toepfer, S.
12Aug-2017Empirical evidence of the public health benefits of tropical forest conservation in Cambodia: a generalised linear mixed-effects model analysisPienkowski, Thomas ; Dickens, Borame Lee ; Sun, Haoyang ; Carrasco, Luis Roman 
13Oct-2011Estimating the social welfare effects of New Zealand apple importsCook, D.C.; Carrasco, L.R. ; Paini, D.R.; Fraser, R.W.
1424-Mar-2021Evaluating a large-scale online behaviour change intervention aimed at wildlife product consumers in SingaporeDoughty, Hunter; Milner-Gulland, E. J.; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Oliver, Kathryn; Carrasco, L. Roman ; Veríssimo, D.
15Jan-2014Factors Affecting Tropical Tree Damage and Survival after Catastrophic Wind DisturbanceWebb, E.L. ; van de Bult, M.; Fa'aumu, S.; Webb, R.C.; Tualaulelei, A.; Carrasco, L.R. 
164-Feb-2021Factors influencing nature interactions vary between cities and types of nature interactionsOh, Rui Ying Rachel; Fielding, Kelly S.; Nghiem, T.P.L. ; Chang, Chia-Chen ; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Gaston, Kevin J.; Carrasco, Roman L. ; Fuller, Richard A.
172018Green without envy: How social capital alleviates tensions from a payments for ecosystem services (PES) program in IndonesiaMcGrath, F.L.; Erbaugh, J.T.; Leimona, B.; Amaruzaman, S.; Rahadian, N.P.; Carrasco, L.R. 
181-Jul-2021Having a stake in the future and perceived population density influence intergenerational cooperationChang, Chia-chen ; Kristensen, Nadiah P. ; Le Nghiem, Thi Phuong ; Tan, Claudia L. Y. ; Carrasco, L. Roman 
1927-Sep-2021Health and wellbeing benefits from nature experiences in tropical settings depend on strength of connection to natureOh, Rachel R. Y.; Fielding, Kelly S. S.; Chang, Chia-Chen ; Nghiem, Le T. P. ; Tan, Claudia L. Y. ; Quazi, Shimona A.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Gaston, Kevin J.; Carrasco, Roman L. ; Fuller, Richard A.
202019Land rents drive oil palm expansion dynamics in IndonesiaLim, F.K.S.; Roman Carrasco, L. ; McHardy, J.; Edwards, D.P.