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Tan, H.T.-W.
Tan, H.T.W.
Tan, Tiang Wah Hugh
Tan, H.T.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1996A century of plant species loss from an isolated fragment of lowland tropical rain forestTurner, I.M. ; Chua, K.S.; Ong, J.S.Y.; Soong, B.C.; Tan, H.T.W. 
2Apr-1995A ferulic acid ester of sucrose and other constituents of Bhesa paniculataHarrison, L.J. ; Sia, G.-L.; Sim, K.-Y. ; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Connolly, J.D.; Lavaud, C.; Massiot, G.
31994A study of plant species extinction in Singapore: Lessons for the conservation of tropical biodiversityTurner, I.M. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Wee, Y.C. ; Ibrahim, A.B.; Chew, P.T.; Corlett, R.T. 
4Oct-1992Adinandra belukar: an anthropogenic heath forest in SingaporeSim, J.W.S.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Turner, I.M. 
51995Allergens of Bipolaris speciesLim, S.H. ; Chew, F.T. ; Sim, S.M.Y.; Huang, Y.T.G.; Goh, D.Y.T. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Tan, T.K. ; Lee, B.W. 
61997Allergic contact dermatitis from grassesKoh, D. ; Goh, C.L.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Ng, S.K.; Wong, W.K.
71-Apr-2019An ex-situ mesocosm study of emergent macrophyte effects on phytoplankton communitiesSong, Yiluan ; MAXINE ALLAYNE DARLENE MOWE ; Mitrovic, Simon M; Tan, Hugh TW ; Yeo, Darren CJ 
8Sep-1997Analysis of genetic diversity among Ixora cultivars (Rubiaceae) using random amplified polymorphic DNARajaseger, G. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Turner, I.M. ; Kumar, P.P. 
91-May-2000Anti-tumor-promoting effects of isoflavonoids on Epstein-Barr virus activation and two-stage mouse skin carcinogenesisIto, C.; Itoigawa, M.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Tokuda, H.; Yang Mou, X.; Mukainaka, T.; Ishikawa, T.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.
10Dec-2003Artificial nest and seed predation experiments on tropical southeast Asian islandsSodhi, N.S. ; Peh, K.S.-H. ; Lee, T.M.; Turner, I.M.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Darjono
111-Jan-2018Assessment of light adequacy for vertical farming in a tropical citySONG XIAO PING; TAN TIANG WAH,HUGH ; TAN PUAY YOK 
1213-Jun-2008Biofuels: Waste not want notLian, P.K.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
1328-Dec-2001Cancer chemopreventive activity of naphthoquinones and their analogs from Avicennia plantsItoigawa, M.; Ito, C.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Okuda, M.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.
14Jan-2004Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Rotenoids from Derris trifoliataIto, C.; Itoigawa, M.; Kojima, N.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Takayasu, J.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.
1510-Aug-2001Cancer chemopreventive agents, 4-phenylcoumarins from Calophyllum inophyllumItoigawa, M.; Ito, C.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Kuchide, M.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Furukawa, H.
16Mar-2000Chemical constituents of Avicennia alba. Isolation and structural elucidation of new naphthoquinones and their analoguesIto, C.; Katsuno, S.; Kondo, Y.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Furukawa, H.
172002Cloning and characterization of Fortune-1, a novel gene with enhanced expression in male reproductive organs of Cycas edentataZhang, P.; Pwee, K.-H. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Kumar, P.P. 
181-Apr-2019Comparative study of six emergent macrophyte species for controlling cyanobacterial blooms in a tropical reservoirMowe, MAD ; Song, Y ; Sim, DZH; Lu, J; Mitrovic, SM; Tan, HTW ; Yeo, DCJ 
19Feb-2004Conservation of class C function of floral organ development during 300 million years of evolution from gymnosperms to angiospermsZhang, P.; Tan, H.T.W. ; Pwee, K.-H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
20Dec-1996Constituents of Clausena excavata. Isolation and structural elucidation of seven new carbazole alkaloids and a new coumarinIto, C.; Ohta, H.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Furukawa, H.