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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2021Aggressive males are more attractive to females and more likely to win contests in jumping spidersKwek, Bernetta Zi Wei ; Tan, Min; Yu, Long; Zhou, Wei; Chang, Chia-chen ; Li, Daiqin 
21-Aug-2021Connection to nature is predicted by family values, social norms and personal experiences of natureOh, R. R. Y.; Fielding, K. S.; Nghiem, L. T. P. ; Chang, C. C. ; Carrasco, L. R. ; Fuller, R. A.
34-Feb-2021Factors influencing nature interactions vary between cities and types of nature interactionsOh, Rui Ying Rachel; Fielding, Kelly S.; Nghiem, T.P.L. ; Chang, Chia-Chen ; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Gaston, Kevin J.; Carrasco, Roman L. ; Fuller, Richard A.
41-Jul-2021Having a stake in the future and perceived population density influence intergenerational cooperationChang, Chia-chen ; Kristensen, Nadiah P. ; Le Nghiem, Thi Phuong ; Tan, Claudia L. Y. ; Carrasco, L. Roman 
527-Sep-2021Health and wellbeing benefits from nature experiences in tropical settings depend on strength of connection to natureOh, Rachel R. Y.; Fielding, Kelly S. S.; Chang, Chia-Chen ; Nghiem, Le T. P. ; Tan, Claudia L. Y. ; Quazi, Shimona A.; Shanahan, Danielle F.; Gaston, Kevin J.; Carrasco, Roman L. ; Fuller, Richard A.
6Nov-2021Phylogenomic Analysis of Ultraconserved Elements Resolves the Evolutionary and Biogeographic History of Segmented Trapdoor Spiders.Xu, Xin; Su, Yong-Chao ; Ho, Simon YW; Kuntner, Matjaž; Ono, Hirotsugu; Liu, Fengxiang; Chang, Chia-Chen ; Warrit, Natapot; Sivayyapram, Varat; Aung, Khin Pyae Pyae; Pham, Dinh Sac; Norma-Rashid, Y; Li, Daiqin 
72017Predator personality and prey behavioural predictability jointly determine foraging performanceChang, C.-C ; Teo, H.Y; Norma-Rashid, Y; Li, D 
85-Mar-2020Social media, nature, and life satisfaction: global evidence of the biophilia hypothesisChang, C.-C. ; Cheng, G.J.Y.; Nghiem, T.P.L. ; Song, X.P. ; Oh, R.R.Y.; Richards, D.R.; Carrasco, L.R.