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Tiong, H.Y.
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12015Haematuria in postrenal transplant patientsWang Z.; Vathsala A. ; Tiong H.Y. 
2Oct-2011Incidence of complications after transrectal ultrasonography-guided biopsy of the prostate in a local tertiary institutionWu, M.W.F.; Sevilla, E.M. ; Raman, L. ; Consigliere, D. ; Siow, W.Y. ; Tiong, H.Y. 
32011Laparoscopic partial cystectomy for symptomatic paraganglioma of the urinary bladder: A case reportWu, F.M.W.; Kao, S.L. ; Thamboo, T.P. ; Tsang, W.C.; Heng, C.T. ; Tiong, H.Y. 
41-Mar-2017Nephrectomy-induced reduced renal function and the health-related quality of life of living kidney donorsHan X.; Lim J.Y.M.; Raman L.; Tai B.C.; Kaur H.; Goh A.T.H.; Vathsala A.; TIONG HO YEE 
51-May-2017Prospective validation of %p2PSA and the Prostate Health Index, in prostate cancer detection in initial prostate biopsies of Asian men, with total PSA 4-10 ng ml(-1)Tan, Lincoln GL; Tan, Yung Khan; Tai, Bee Choo ; Tan, Karen ML ; Gauhar, Vineet; Tiong, Ho Yee ; Hawkins, Robert CW; Thamboo, Thomas P; Hong, Felicia SK; Chiong, Edmund
6Dec-2011Renal autotransplantation following long segment iatrogenic ureteric injuryTeo, K.J.; Heng, C.T. ; Consigliere, D. ; Tiong, H.Y. 
71-May-2017Screening for asymptomatic bacteruria at one month after adult kidney transplantation: Clinical factors and implicationsGoh Y.S.B.; Deng Z.; Cheong P.S.C.; Raman L.; Goh T.H.A.; Vathsala A.; Tiong H.Y. 
81-Apr-2018The utilization of Boari flap vesicocalycostomy for salvage repair of kidney transplant ureteric injury after robotic radical prostatectomyWang Z.; Tay W.K.; Tan L.G.L. ; Tiong H.Y. 
92013Voxel labelling in CT images with data-driven contextual featuresDang, K.; Yuan, J.; Tiong, H.Y.