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Wong Chia Siong
(not current staff)
Wong, C.H.
Wong, C.-S.
Wong, C.S.
Siong, W.C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2008Dengue infections in HIV patientsSiong, W.C. ; Ching, T.H.; Jong, G.C.; Pang, C.S.; Vernon, L.J.M.; Sin, L.Y.
22010Epidemiological characteristics of cholera in Singapore, 1992-2007Wong, C.S. ; Ang, L.W.; James, L.; Goh, K.T.
32008Gender differences in the trend of colorectal cancer incidence in Singapore, 1968-2002Kok, I.M.C.M.; Wong, C.S. ; Chia, K.S. ; Sim, X. ; Tan, C.S. ; Verkooijen, H.M. ; Kiemeney, L.A.
42008Gender differences in the trend of colorectal cancer incidence in Singapore, 1968-2002Kok, I.M.C.M.; Wong, C.S. ; Chia, K.S. ; Sim, X. ; Tan, C.S. ; Verkooijen, H.M.; Kiemeney, L.A.
51-Mar-2011Mammographic density and its interaction with other breast cancer risk factors in an Asian populationWong, C.S. ; Lim, G.H.; Gao, F. ; Jakes, R.W.; Offman, J.; Chia, K.S. ; Duffy, S.W.
6Aug-2011Nephrinuria associates with multiple renal traits in type 2 diabetesNg, D.P.K. ; Tai, B.-C. ; Tan, E.; Leong, H.; Nurbaya, S.; Lim, X.-L.; Chia, K.-S. ; Wong, C.-S. ; Lim, W.-Y. ; Holthöfer, H.
76-Nov-2012Prevalence of and risk factors for MRSA colonization in HIV-positive outpatients in SingaporeKyaw, W.M.; Lee, L.K.; Siong, W.C. ; Ping, A.C.L.; Ang, B.; Leo, Y.S.
82007Prevalence of childhood asthma and control in children assessed in a pilot school-based intervention programme in SingaporeYang, K.S.; Ng, T.P. ; Kwang, Y.P.; Thilagaratnam, S.; Wong, C.S. ; Chia, F.; Yang, K.S.
92010Real-time focal modulation microscopyChen, N.G. ; Wong, C.H. ; Chong, S.P.; Sheppard, C.J.R. 
101-May-2017Results from a Patient-Based Health Education Intervention in Reducing Antibiotic Use for Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in the Private Sector Primary Care Setting in SingaporeLee, Magdalene Hui Min; Pan, Darius Shaw Teng; Huang, Joyce Huixin; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; CHONG WEN CHEN, JOASH ; GOH EE HUI ; JIANG LILI ; LEO YEE SIN ; Lee, Tau Hong; WONG CHIA SIONG ; LOH WENG KEONG VICTOR ; Lim Fong Seng ; Poh, Adrian Zhongxian; THAM TAT YEAN ; WONG WEI MON ; Yu, Yue
112013Short communication: Risk factors for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus colonization among HIV patients at hospital admissionLee, L.K.; Win, M.K.; Veeraraghavan, M.A.; Wong, C.S. ; Chow, A.L.; Leo, Y.-S.
12Sep-2009Skin cancer trends among Asians living in Singapore from 1968 to 2006Sng, J. ; Koh, D. ; Siong, W.C. ; Choo, T.B. 
13Feb-2009Trends in long-term cancer survival in Singapore: 1968-2002Lim, G.-H.; Wong, C.-S. ; Chow, K.-Y.; Bhalla, V.; Chia, K.-S. 
14Mar-2012Universal methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) screening: Comparison of anatomic screening sites for patients with high and low prevalence of MRSA carriageChow, A.; Win, M.-K.; Wong, C.-S. ; Leo, Y.-S.
1530-Jan-2012Validation of the Gail model for predicting individual breast cancer risk in a prospective nationwide study of 28,104 Singapore womenChay, W.Y.; Ong, W.S.; Tan, P.H.; Jie Leo, N.Q.; Ho, G.H.; Wong, C.S. ; Chia, K.S. ; Chow, K.Y.; Tan Sr, M.; Ang Sr, P.