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Fong Seng Lim
Lim, F.-S.
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12014A randomised trial to evaluate the immunogenicity, reactogenicity, and safety of the 10-valent pneumococcal non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae protein D conjugate vaccine (PHiD-CV) co-administered with routine childhood vaccines in Singapore and MalaysiaLim, F.S ; Koh, M.T; Tan, K.K; Chan, P.C ; Chong, C.Y ; Shung Yehudi, Y.W; Teoh, Y.L; Shafi, F; Hezareh, M; Swinnen, K; Borys, D
25-Apr-2021Identifying COVID-19 cases in outpatient settingsMao, Yinan ; Tan, Yi-Roe; Thein, Tun Linn; Chai, Yi Ann Louis ; Cook, Alex R ; Dickens, Borame L ; Lew, Yii Jen ; Lim, Fong Seng ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Sun, Yinxiaohe ; Sundaram, Meena; Soh, Alexius ; Tan, Glorijoy Shi En; Wong, Franco Pey Gein; Young, Barnaby; Zeng, Kangwei; Chen, Mark ; Ong, Desmond Luan Seng 
32016Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards antibiotic use in upper respiratory tract infections among patients seeking primary health care in SingaporePan D.S.T.; Huang J.H.; Lee M.H.M.; Yu Y. ; Chen M.I.-C. ; Goh E.H. ; Jiang L. ; Chong J.W.C. ; Leo Y.S. ; Lee T.H.; Wong C.S.; Loh V.W.K.; Poh A.Z.; Tham T.Y.; Wong W.M.; Lim F.S. 
42014Long-term booster schedules with AS03A-adjuvanted heterologous H5N1 vaccines induces rapid and broad immune responses in Asian adultsGillard, P; Chu, D.W.S; Hwang, S.-J; Yang, P.-C; Thongcharoen, P; Lim, F.S ; Dramé, M; Walravens, K; Roman, F
52009Premarital sexual intercourse among adolescents in an Asian country: Multilevel ecological factorsWong, M.-L. ; Chan, R.K.-W. ; Koh, D.; Tan, H.-H.; Lim, F.-S. ; Emmanuel, S.; Bishop, G. 
61-May-2017Results from a Patient-Based Health Education Intervention in Reducing Antibiotic Use for Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in the Private Sector Primary Care Setting in SingaporeLee, Magdalene Hui Min; Pan, Darius Shaw Teng; Huang, Joyce Huixin; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; CHONG WEN CHEN, JOASH ; GOH EE HUI ; JIANG LILI ; LEO YEE SIN ; Lee, Tau Hong; WONG CHIA SIONG ; LOH WENG KEONG VICTOR ; Lim Fong Seng ; Poh, Adrian Zhongxian; THAM TAT YEAN ; WONG WEI MON ; Yu, Yue