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Bishop, George D
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D.Bishop, G.D.
Bishop, G.
Bishop, G.D.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009An S-Shaped Relationship Between Changes in Appraisals and Changes in EmotionsTong, E.M.W.; Ellsworth, P.C.; Bishop, G.D. 
21999Anger expression, coping styles, and well-beingDiong, S.-M.; Bishop, G.D. 
31999Anger expression, coping styles, and well-beingBishop, G.D. ; Diong, S.-M.
42000Anger, harassment, and cardiovascular reactivity among Chinese and Indian men in SingaporeBishop, G.D. ; Robinson, G.
5Aug-2005Anger, stress, coping, social support and health: Modelling the relationshipsDiong, S.M.; Bishop, G.D. ; Enkelmann, H.C.; Tong, E.M.W.; Why, Y.P. ; Ang, J.C.H.; Khader, M.
62009Appraisal underpinnings of affective chronometry: The role of appraisals in emotion habituationTong, E.M.W. ; Bishop, G.D. ; Enkelmann, H.C.; Why, Y.P. ; Diong, S.M.; Khader, M.; Ang, J.
71996Attitude assessment in non-western countries: Critical modifications to Likert scaling *Carr, S.C.; Munro, D.; D.Bishop, G.D. 
81996Attitude assessment in non-western countries: Critical modifications to Likert scaling *Bishop, G.D. ; Carr, S.C.; Munro, D.
92000Attitudes and beliefs of Singapore health care professionals concerning HIV/AIDSBishop, G.D. ; Oh, H.M.L.; Swee, H.Y.
10Feb-2007Avian influenza risk perception, Europe and AsiaDe Zwart, O.; Veldhuijzen, I.K.; Elam, G.; Aro, A.R.; Abraham, T.; Bishop, G.D. ; Richardus, J.H.; Brug, J.
112006Blunted cardiovascular responses to daytime activities as related to reduced nocturnal blood pressure declineBishop, G.D. ; Pek, J.; Ngau, F. 
122003Cardiovascular reactivity of Singaporean male police officers as a function of task, ethnicity and hostilityWhy, Y.P.; Bishop, G.D. ; Tong, E.M.W.; Diong, S.M.; Enkelmann, H.C.; Khader, M.; Ang, J.
13Feb-2013Cardiovascular responses to stress in Singapore and IndiaKaur, D. ; Bishop, G.D. 
141998Cognitive organization of disease concepts in SingaporeBishop, G.D. 
152012Culture moderates the cardiovascular consequences of anger regulation strategyZhou, T.; Bishop, G.D. 
161996Disease representations and related behavioural intentions among Chinese SingaporeansTan, P.E.H.; Bishop, G.D. 
172008Domain-specific assessment of anger expression and ambulatory blood pressureBishop, G.D. ; Ngau, F. ; Pek, J.
181998East meets west: Illness cognition and behaviour in SingaporeBishop, G.D. 
191998East meets west: Illness cognition and behaviour in SingaporeBishop, G.D. 
202005Effects of a psychosocial skills training workshop on psychophysiological and psychosocial risk in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graftingBishop, G.D. ; Kaur, D. ; Tan, V.L.M. ; Chua, Y.-L.; Liew, S.-M.; Mak, K.-H.