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120-Oct-2019Association of Breast Milk Feeding With Later Child Eating BehavioursPang, WW ; McCrickerd, K ; Quah, PL; Fogel, A ; Aris, I; Yuan, WL; Fok, D; Chua, MC; Lim, SB; Shek, L; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Tan, KH; Yap, F; Gluckman, PD; Godfrey, K; Meaney, MJ ; Wlodek, M ; Eriksson, J ; Kramer, M ; Forde, CG; Chong, MFF; Chong, YS
21-Nov-2022Associations of maternal and foetoplacental factors with prehypertension/hypertension in early childhoodMichael N; Sadananthan SA ; Yuan WL ; Ong YY ; Loy SL ; Huang JY ; Tint MT ; Padmapriya N ; Choo J ; Ling LH ; Kramer MS ; Godfrey KM; Gluckman PD ; Tan KH ; Eriksson JG ; Chong YS ; Lee YS ; Karnani N ; Yap F ; Shek LP ; Fortier MV ; Moritz KM; Chan SY ; Velan SS ; Wlodek ME 
3Jul-2021Maternal circulating SPINT1 is reduced in small-for-gestational age pregnancies at 26 weeks: Growing up in Singapore towards health outcomes (GUSTO) cohort studyKaitu'u-Lino T.J.; Tong S.; Walker S.P.; MacDonald T.M.; Cannon P.; Nguyen T.-V.; Sadananthan S.A. ; Tint M.-T. ; Ong Y.Y.; Ling L.S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chan S.-Y. ; Tan K.H. ; Lee Y.S. ; Michael N.; Eriksson J.G. ; Wlodek M.E. 
430-Jul-2022Newborn body composition and child cardiovascular risk markers: a prospective multi-ethnic Asian cohort studyOng, Yi Ying ; Tint, Mya-Thway ; Aris, Izzuddin M ; Yuan, Wen Lun ; Chen, Ling-Wei ; Fortier, Marielle ; Choo, Jonathan ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Shek, Lynette ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Gluckman, Peter D ; Yap, Fabian ; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Godfrey, Keith M; Chong, Mary F-F ; Chan, Shiao-Yng; Eriksson, Johan G; Wlodek, Mary E ; Rolfe, Emanuella De Lucia; Ong, Ken K; Michael, Navin; Lee, Yung Seng 
58-May-2021The association of maternal gestational hyperglycemia with breastfeeding duration and markers of milk productionPang WW ; Geddes DT; Lai CT; Chan SY ; Chan YH ; Cheong CY; Fok D; Chua MC; Lim SB; Huang J; Pundir S; Tan KH ; Yap F; Godfrey KM; Gluckman PD ; Shek LP ; Vickers MH; Eriksson JG ; Chong YS ; Wlodek ME 
621-Dec-2022Timing of introduction of complementary foods, breastfeeding, and child cardiometabolic risk- a prospective multiethnic Asian cohort studyOng YY ; Pang WW ; Michael N; Aris IM ; Sadananthan SA ; Tint MT ; Liang Choo JT ; Ling LH ; Karnani N ; Velan SS ; Fortier MV ; Tan KH ; Gluckman PD ; Yap F ; Chong YS ; Godfrey KM; Chan SY ; Eriksson JG ; Chong MF ; Wlodek ME ; Lee YS