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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
117-May-2022Are There Bidirectional Influences Between Screen Time Exposure and Social Behavioral Traits in Young Children?Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Magiati, Iliana ; Phua, Desiree; Daniel, Lourdes M ; Shek, Lynette P ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Gluckman, Peter D; Meaney, Michael J ; Law, Evelyn C 
21-Nov-2015Child maltreatment syndrome: demographics and developmental issues of inpatient casesNgiam, Xin Ying; Kang, Ying Qi ; Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Kiing, Jennifer; Law, Evelyn Chung Ning 
320-Aug-2020Including Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Equation During this COVID-19 PandemicAishworiya, Ramkumar ; Kang, Ying Qi 
42020Managing Children's Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic: Strategies for Providers and CaregiversKang, Y.Q.; Lim, T.S.H. ; Ragen, E.S.; Tan, M.Y. ; Aishworiya, R. 
51-Nov-2016Sleep Patterns and Dysfunctions in Children with Learning ProblemsAishworiya, Ramkumar ; Chan, Po Fun; Kiing, Jennifer SH ; Chong, Shang Chee ; Tay, Stacey KH
61-Dec-2020Supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in medical settings during COVID-19Goh, Tze Jui; Lim, Tammy ; Foo, Magdalene; Ong, Sze Kiat Alan; Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Nair, Tanuja; Kang, Ying Qi ; Agarwal, Pratibha Keshav; Sung, Min 
716-Aug-2019Television viewing and child cognition in a longitudinal birth cohort in Singapore: the role of maternal factorsAishworiya R ; Cai S ; Chen HY ; Phua DY; Broekman BFP ; Daniel LM ; Chong YS ; Shek LP ; Yap F ; Chan SY ; Meaney MJ ; Law EC 
81-Jul-2022Visual supports to optimize COVID-19-related healthcare encounters for young/preschool childrenOng, Sze Kiat Alan; Sung, Min ; Tan, Mae Yue ; Kang, Ying Qi ; Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Lim, Tammy 
91-Jun-2020When Life is Put on Hold, How Do We Hold on to Life? Challenges and Opportunities in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics During COVID-19Aishworiya, Ramkumar ; Chong, Shang Chee ; Kiing, Jennifer SH