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Milea, D.


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12015Age-related Vitamin D deficiency is associated with reduced macular ganglion cell complex: A cross-sectional high-definition optical coherence tomography studyUro M.; Beauchet O.; Cherif M.; Graffe A.; Milea D. ; Annweiler C.
212-Feb-2019Chromatic Pupillometry Methods for Assessing Photoreceptor Health in Retinal and Optic Nerve DiseasesRUKMINI, AV ; MILEA, DAN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
32016Classification of SD-OCT Volumes Using Local Binary Patterns: Experimental Validation for DME DetectionLemaître G.; Rastgoo M.; Massich J.; Cheung C.Y.; Wong T.Y. ; Lamoureux E. ; Milea D. ; Mériaudeau F.; Sidibé D.
42018Cyclosporine A does not prevent second-eye involvement in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathyLeruez, S; Verny, C; Bonneau, D; Procaccio, V; Lenaers, G; Amati-Bonneau, P; Reynier, P; Scherer, C; Prundean, A; Orssaud, C; Zanlonghi, X; Rougier, M.-B; Tilikete, C; Miléa, D 
52015Dissociation of pupillary post-illumination responses from visual function in confirmed OPA1 c.983A > G and c.2708_2711delTTAG autosomal dominant optic atrophyNissen, C; Rönnbäck, C; Sander, B; Herbst, K; Milea, D ; Larsen, M; Lund-Andersen, H
62012Dominant optic atrophyLenaers, G; Hamel, C; Delettre, C; Amati-Bonneau, P; Procaccio, V; Bonneau, D; Reynier, P; Milea, D 
720-Mar-2019Effects of low and moderate refractive errors on chromatic pupillometryRUKMINI, AV ; CHEW, MILTON C; FINKELSTEIN, MAXWELL T; ATALAY, ERAY; BASKARAN, MANI ; NONGPIUR, MONISHA E ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN ; NAJJAR, RAYMOND P 
82020Evaluation of intraocular pressure after water drinking test in patients with unilateral hemifacial spasmLow, J.R.; Wong, C.W. ; Loo, J.L. ; Milea, D. ; Perera, S.A. ; Lee, Y.F.; Ng, S.R.; Baskaran, M. ; Nongpiur, M.E. ; Tow, S.L.C. 
92011Genomic deletions in OPA1 in Danish patients with autosomal dominant optic atrophyAlmind, G.J; Grønskov, K; Milea, D ; Larsen, M; Brøndum-Nielsen, K; Ek, J
102011Idebenone increases mitochondrial complex i activity in fibroblasts from LHON patients while producing contradictory effects on respirationAngebault, C; Gueguen, N; Desquiret-Dumas, V; Chevrollier, A; Guillet, V; Verny, C; Cassereau, J; Ferre, M; Milea, D ; Amati-Bonneau, P; Bonneau, D; Procaccio, V; Reynier, P; Loiseau, D
111-Apr-2020Increased Protein S-Glutathionylation in Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)Zhou, Lei ; Chan, James Chun Yip ; Chupin, Stephanie; Gueguen, Naig; Desquiret-Dumas, Valerie; Koh, Siew Kwan; Li, Jianguo ; Gao, Yan ; Deng, Lu; Verma, Chandra ; Beuerman, Roger W ; Chan, Eric Chun Yong ; Milea, Dan ; Reynier, Pascal
122014Monochromatic pupillometry in unilateral glaucoma discloses no adaptive changes subserved by the ipRGCsNissen, C; Sander, B; Milea, D ; Kolko, M; Herbst, K; Hamard, P; Lund-Andersen, H
13Dec-2021Ocular growth and metabolomics are dependent upon the spectral content of ambient white lightNajjar, Raymond P ; Chao De La Barca, Juan Manuel; Barathi, Veluchamy A ; Ho, Candice Ee Hua; Lock, Jing Zhan; Muralidharan, Arumugam R; Tan, Royston KY ; Dhand, Chetna; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Reynier, Pascal; Milea, Dan 
142016Optical coherence tomography angiography in dural carotid-cavernous sinus fistulaAng, M ; Sng, C ; Milea, D 
151-Sep-2018Pupillary Responses to Full-Field Chromatic Stimuli Are Reduced in Patients with Early-Stage Primary Open-Angle GlaucomaNAJJAR, RAYMOND P ; SHARMA, SOURABH; ATALAY, ERAY; RUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; SUN, CHRISTOPHER; LOCK, JING ZHAN; BASKARAN, MANI ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; HUSAIN, RAHAT ; LAMOUREUX, ECOSSE ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN 
161-Sep-2015Pupillary Responses to High-Irradiance Blue Light Correlate with Glaucoma SeverityRUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; MILEA, DAN ; BASKARAN, MANI ; HOW, ALICIA C ; PERERA, SHAMIRA A ; AUNG, TIN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
1731-Aug-2017Pupillary responses to light are not affected by narrow irido-corneal anglesRUKMINI, ANNADATA V ; NAJJAR, RAYMOND P ; ATALAY, ERAY; SHARMA, SOURABH; LOCK, JING ZHAN; BASKARAN, MANI ; NONGPIUR, MONISHA ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J ; AUNG, TIN ; MILEA, DAN 
187-Mar-2017Pupillary responses to short-wavelength light are preserved in agingRUKMINI, AV ; MILEA, DAN ; AUNG, TIN ; GOOLEY, JOSHUA J 
192011Test-retest repeatability of the pupil light response to blue and red light stimuli in normal human eyes using a novel pupillometerHerbst, K; Sander, B; Milea, D ; Lund-Andersen, H; Kawasaki, A
2019-Mar-2019U-Shaped Relationship between Serum Leptin Concentration and Cognitive Performance in Older Asian AdultsAnnweiler, Cedric; Duval, Guillaume T; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Wong, Tien-Yin ; Lamoureux, Ecosse L ; Milea, Dan ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi