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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Cognitive performance, sleepiness, and mood in partially sleep deprived adolescents: The need for sleep StudyLo J.C. ; Ong J.L. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Gooley J.J. ; Chee M.W.L. 
22014Comparing the effects of nocturnal sleep and daytime napping on declarative memory consolidationLo J.C. ; Dijk D.-J.; Groeger J.A.
32016EEG changes across multiple nights of sleep restriction and recovery in adolescents: The need for sleep studyOng, J.L ; Lo, J.C ; Gooley, J.J ; Chee, M.W.L 
42012Effects of Partial and Acute Total Sleep Deprivation on Performance across Cognitive Domains, Individuals and Circadian PhaseLo J.C. ; Groeger J.A.; Santhi N.; Arbon E.L.; Lazar A.S.; Hasan S.; von Schantz M.; Archer S.N.; Dijk D.-J.
52017Factors of nocturnal sleep and daytime nap durations in community-dwelling elderly: A longitudinal population-based studyCheng G.H.-L. ; Chan A. ; Lo J.C. 
62016Sleep deprivation increases formation of false memoryLo J.C. ; Chong P.L.H. ; Ganesan S.; Leong R.L.F. ; Chee M.W.L. 
72016Sleep restriction can attenuate prioritization benefits on declarative memory consolidationLo, J.C ; Bennion, K.A; Chee, M.W.L 
82016Sleep restriction impairs vocabulary learning when adolescents cram for exams: The need for sleep studyHuang, S ; Deshpande, A ; Yeo, S.-C ; Lo, J.C ; Chee, M.W.L ; Gooley, J.J 
92014Young adults' sleep duration on work days: Differences between East and WestLo J.C. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Loh K.-K. ; Dijk D.-J.; Chee M.W.L.