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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2020Cognitive effects of split and continuous sleep schedules in adolescents differ according to total sleep opportunityLo, June C; Leong, Ruth LF ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Jamaluddin, S Azrin ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Ghorbani, Shohreh ; Lau, TeYang ; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Gooley, Joshua J ; Chee, Michael WL 
22015Cognitive fatigue destabilizes economic decision making preferences and strategiesMullette-Gillman O.A. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Kurnianingsih Y.A. 
32016Cognitive performance, sleepiness, and mood in partially sleep deprived adolescents: The need for sleep StudyLo J.C. ; Ong J.L. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Gooley J.J. ; Chee M.W.L. 
41-Jun-2021Memory performance following napping in habitual and non-habitual nappersLeong, Ruth LF ; Yu, Nicole ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Ng, Alyssa SC ; Jamaluddin, S Azrin ; Cousins, James N; Chee, Nicholas IYN ; Chee, Michael WL 
51-Jan-2021Multi-Night Validation of a Sleep Tracking Ring in Adolescents Compared with a Research Actigraph and PolysomnographyChee, Nicholas IYN ; Ghorbani, Shohreh ; Golkashani, Hosein Aghayan; Leong, Ruth LF ; Ong, Ju Lynn ; Chee, Michael WL 
62016Sleep deprivation increases formation of false memoryLo J.C. ; Chong P.L.H. ; Ganesan S.; Leong R.L.F. ; Chee M.W.L. 
71-Sep-2021Sleep-dependent prospective memory consolidation is impaired with agingLeong, Ruth LF ; Lo, June C; Chee, Michael WL 
81-Dec-2021Splitting sleep between the night and a daytime nap reduces homeostatic sleep pressure and enhances long-term memoryCousins, JN; Leong, RLF ; Jamaluddin, SA ; Ng, ASC ; Ong, JL ; Chee, MWL 
92014Young adults' sleep duration on work days: Differences between East and WestLo J.C. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Loh K.-K. ; Dijk D.-J.; Chee M.W.L.