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Cheng Hak Land Grand
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Correlates of acceptance of wealth inequality: A moderated mediation modelCheng, G.H.-L. ; Chan, D.K.-S.; Yeung, D.Y.
22017Factors of nocturnal sleep and daytime nap durations in community-dwelling elderly: A longitudinal population-based studyCheng G.H.-L. ; Chan A. ; Lo J.C. 
39-Mar-2018Objectifying or Liberating? Investigation of the Effects of Sexting on Body ImageGrand H.-L. Cheng 
413-Dec-2019Patterns of family support exchange and personal mastery in later life: A longitudinal studyGrand H.-L. Cheng ; Shannon Ang ; Angelique Chan 
513-Nov-2019Productive engagement patterns and their association with depressive symptomatology, loneliness, and cognitive function among older adultsGrand H.-L. Cheng ; Angelique Chan ; Truls Østbye ; Rahul Malhotra 
617-Jan-2017Sext and gender: examining gender effects on sexting based on the theory of planned behaviourMario Liong; Grand H.-L. Cheng 
7Aug-2018To Work or Not to Work - Retirement and Health Among Older SingaporeansGrand H.L. Cheng ; Angelique Chan 
8Dec-2018Transitions in Health, Employment, Social Engagement And Intergenerational Transfers In Singapore Study (THE SIGNS Study) – I: Descriptive Statistics and Analysis of Key Aspects of Successful AgeingAngelique Chan ; Rahul Malhotra ; Normala Bte Manap; Yi Yuan Ting ; Abhijit Visaria ; Grand Hak-Land Cheng ; Veronica Shi Min Goh ; Peter Kay Chai Tay ; June May Ling Lee ; Ad Maulod
913-Jan-2022Transitions in Social Network Types over Time among Older AdultsSung P. ; Malhotra R. ; Cheng G.H.-L. ; Chan A.W.-M. 
102017Validity and reliability of the Positive Aspects of Caregiving (PAC) scale and development of its shorter version (S-PAC) among family caregivers of older adultsSiow J.Y.M. ; Chan A. ; TRULS OSTBYE ; Cheng G.H.-L. ; Malhotra R.