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Li Fong Seet
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Bevacizumab Promotes T-Cell-Mediated Collagen Deposition in the Mouse Model of Conjunctival ScarringSeet L.-F. ; Toh L.Z.; Chu S.; Finger S.N. ; Ginhoux F. ; Hong W. ; Wong T.T.
21-Nov-2016Distinct iris gene expression profiles of primary angle closure glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma and their interaction with ocular biometric parametersSeet, Li-Fong ; Narayanaswamy, Arun; Finger, Sharon N; Htoon, Hla M ; Nongpiur, Monisha E ; Toh, Li Zhen; Ho, Henrietta; Perera, Shamira A ; Wong, Tina T
32005Endofin recruits clathrin to early endosomes via TOM1Seet, L.-F ; Hong, W 
414-Jan-2021Positive-charge tuned gelatin hydrogel-siSPARC injectable for siRNA anti-scarring therapy in post glaucoma filtration surgeryChun, Yong Yao; Yap, Zhu Li; Seet, Li Fong ; Chan, Hiok Hong; Toh, Li Zhen; Chu, Stephanie W. L.; Lee, Ying Shi; Wong, Tina T. ; Tan, Timothy T. Y.
52018Targeted therapy for the post-operative conjunctiva: SPARC silencing reduces collagen depositionSeet L.F. ; Tan Y.F.; Toh L.Z.; Chu S.W.; Lee Y.S.; Venkatraman S.S.; Wong T.T.
62017Upregulation of distinct collagen transcripts in post-surgery scar tissue: A study of conjunctival fibrosisSeet, L.-F ; Toh, L.Z; Chu, S.W.L; Finger, S.N; Chua, J.L.L; Wong, T.T 
72016Valproic acid suppresses collagen by selective regulation of Smads in conjunctival fibrosisSeet, L.-F ; Toh, L.Z; Finger, S.N; Chu, S.W.L; Stefanovic, B; Wong, T.T