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12017Assessing the effects of mitofusin 2 deficiency in the adult heart using 3D electron tomographyKalkhoran, S.B; Hall, A.R; White, I.J; Cooper, J; Fan, Q ; Ong, S.-B ; Hernández-Reséndiz, S ; Cabrera-Fuentes, H ; Chinda, K; Chakraborty, B ; Dorn, G.W; Yellon, D.M; Hausenloy, D.J 
22016From basic mechanisms to clinical applications in heart protection, new players in cardiovascular diseases and cardiac theranostics: meeting report from the third international symposium on “New frontiers in cardiovascular research”Cabrera-Fuentes H.A. ; Aragones J.; Bernhagen J.; Boening A.; Boisvert W.A.; Bøtker H.E.; Bulluck H.; Cook S. ; Di Lisa F.; Engel F.B.; Engelmann B.; Ferrazzi F.; Ferdinandy P.; Fong A.; Fleming I.; Gnaiger E.; Hernández-Reséndiz S.; Kalkhoran S.B.; Kim M.H.; Lecour S.; Liehn E.A.; Marber M.S.; Mayr M.; Miura T.; Ong S.-B.; Peter K.; Sedding D.; Singh M.K. ; Suleiman M.S.; Schnittler H.J.; Schulz R.; Shim W.; Tello D.; Vogel C.-W.; Walker M.; Li Q.O.Y.; Yellon D.M.; Hausenloy D.J.; Preissner K.T.
32017Full left ventricular coverage is essential for the accurate quantification of the area-at-risk by T1 and T2 mappingBulluck, H; Bryant, J.A; Lim, M.X ; Tan, X.W; Ramlall, M; Francis, R; Kotecha, T; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A ; Knight, D.S; Fontana, M; Moon, J.C; Hausenloy, D.J 
42019Inactivation of nuclear histone deacetylases by EP300 disrupts the MiCEE complex in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisRubio, K.; Singh, I.; Dobersch, S.; Sarvari, P.; Günther, S.; Cordero, J.; Mehta, A.; Wujak, L.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H. ; Chao, C.-M.; Braubach, P.; Bellusci, S.; Seeger, W.; Günther, A.; Preissner, K.T.; Wygrecka, M.; Savai, R.; Papy-Garcia, D.; Dobreva, G.; Heikenwalder, M.; Savai-Pullamsetti, S.; Braun, T.; Barreto, G.
52016Ischaemic conditioning and targeting reperfusion injury: a 30 year voyage of discoveryHausenloy, D.J ; Barrabes, J.A; Bøtker, H.E; Davidson, S.M; Di Lisa, F; Downey, J; Engstrom, T; Ferdinandy, P; Carbrera-Fuentes, H.A ; Heusch, G; Ibanez, B; Iliodromitis, E.K; Inserte, J; Jennings, R; Kalia, N; Kharbanda, R; Lecour, S; Marber, M; Miura, T; Ovize, M; Perez-Pinzon, M.A; Piper, H.M; Przyklenk, K; Schmidt, M.R; Redington, A; Ruiz-Meana, M; Vilahur, G; Vinten-Johansen, J; Yellon, D.M; Garcia-Dorado, D
62016Meeting report from the 2nd International Symposium on New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Research. Protecting the cardiovascular system from ischemia: between bench and bedsideCabrera-Fuentes, H.A ; Alba-Alba, C; Aragones, J; Bernhagen, J; Boisvert, W.A; Bøtker, H.E; Cesarman-Maus, G; Fleming, I; Garcia-Dorado, D; Lecour, S; Liehn, E; Marber, M.S; Marina, N; Mayr, M; Perez-Mendez, O; Miura, T; Ruiz-Meana, M; Salinas-Estefanon, E.M; Ong, S.-B ; Schnittler, H.J; Sanchez-Vega, J.T; Sumoza-Toledo, A; Vogel, C.-W; Yarullina, D; Yellon, D.M; Preissner, K.T; Hausenloy, D.J 
72020Mitochondrial and mitochondrial-independent pathways of myocardial cell death during ischaemia and reperfusion injuryDavidson, S.M.; Adameová, A.; Barile, L.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A. ; Lazou, A.; Pagliaro, P.; Stensløkken, K.-O.; Garcia-Dorado, D.; the EU-CARDIOPROTECTION COST Action (CA16225).
82020Obesity subtypes, related biomarkers & heterogeneityMayoral, L.P.-C.; Andrade, G.M.; Mayoral, E.P.-C.; Huerta, T.H.; Canseco, S.P.; Rodal Canales, F.J.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A. ; Cruz, M.M.; Pérez Santiago, A.D.; Alpuche, J.J.; Zenteno, E.; Ruíz, H.M.; Cruz, R.M.; Jeronimo, J.H.; Perez-Campos, E.
916-Feb-2021Positioning of nucleosomes containing γ-H2AX precedes active DNA demethylation and transcription initiationDobersch, Stephanie; Rubio, Karla; Singh, Indrabahadur; Günther, Stefan; Graumann, Johannes; Cordero, Julio; Castillo-Negrete, Rafael; Huynh, Minh Bao; Mehta, Aditi; Braubach, Peter; Cabrera-Fuentes, Hector ; Bernhagen, Jurgen; Chao, Cho-Ming; Bellusci, Saverio; Günther, Andreas; Preissner, Klaus T.; Kugel, Sita; Dobreva, Gergana; Wygrecka, Malgorzata; Braun, Thomas; Papy-Garcia, Dulce; Barreto, Guillermo
102019Role of macrophages in cardioprotectionYap, J.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A. ; Irei, J.; Hausenloy, D.J.; Boisvert, W.A.
112019Targeting mitochondrial fission using Mdivi-1 in A clinically relevant large animal model of acute myocardial infarction: A pilot studyOng, S.-B. ; Kwek, X.-Y. ; Katwadi, K. ; Hernandez-Resendiz, S. ; Crespo-Avilan, G.E. ; Ismail, N.I.; Lin, Y.-H. ; Yap, E.P. ; Lim, S.-Y.; Myu Mai Ja, K.P.; Ramachandra, C.J.A. ; Tee, N.; Toh, J.J.; Shim, W.; Wong, P.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A. ; Hausenloy, D.J. 
122020Translational issues for mitoprotective agents as adjunct to reperfusion therapy in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctionBøtker, H.E.; Cabrera-Fuentes, H.A. ; Ruiz-Meana, M.; Heusch, G.; Ovize, M.