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Boon Kheng James Khoo


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12019A circulating miRNA signature for stratification of breast lesions among women with abnormal screening mammogramsLoke, S.Y. ; Munusamy, P.; Koh, G.L.; Chan, C.H.T.; Madhukumar, P ; Thung, J.L.; Tan, K.T.B. ; Ong, K.W.; Yong, W.S. ; Sim, Y. ; Oey, C.L.; Lim, S.Z. ; Chan, M.Y.P.; Ho, T.S.J. ; Khoo, B.K.J. ; Wong, S.L.J.; Thng, C.H. ; Chong, B.K.; Tan, E.Y.; Tan, V.K.-M. ; Lee, A.S.G. 
22003Clinics in diagnostic imaging (85)Quek S.T. ; Poddar S.; Khoo J.B.K. 
31-May-2021Development of a microRNA Panel for Classification of Abnormal Mammograms for Breast CancerZou, Ruiyang ; Loke, Sau Yeen ; Tan, Veronique Kiak-Mien ; Quek, Swee Tian ; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Tang, Yew Chung; Madhukumar, Preetha ; Tan, Benita Kiat-Tee ; Yong, Wei Sean ; Sim, Yirong ; Lim, Sue Zann ; Png, Eunice; Lee, Shu Yun Sherylyn; Chan, Mun Yew Patrick; Ho, Teng Swan Juliana ; Khoo, Boon Kheng James ; Wong, Su Lin Jill ; Thng, Choon Hua; Chong, Bee Kiang; Teo, Yik Ying ; Too, Heng-Phon ; Hartman, Mikael ; Tan, Ngiap Chuan; Tan, Ern Yu; Lee, Soo Chin ; Zhou, Lihan; Lee, Ann Siew Gek
42002Diffusion Weighted MR Imaging in Acute Stroke: The SGH ExperienceChan L.L. ; Khoo J.B.K. ; Thng C.H. ; Lim W.E.H. ; Tay K.H. ; Tan E.K. ; Chang H.M. ; Chen C. ; Wong M.C. ; Tan K.P.
52013Indication of lower neck irradiation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma without nodal metastasis: The potential impact of tumor volumeFu J.; Zhou J.-Y. ; Chong V.F.H. ; Khoo J.B.K. 
62004Phased-array magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate with correlation to radical prostatectomy specimens: Local experienceKwek J.-W. ; Thng C.-H. ; Tan P.-H. ; Yuen J.S.-P. ; Khoo J.B.-K. ; Quek S.-T. ; Ho J.T.-S. ; Tan K.-P.; Cheng C.W.-S. 
72003Radiologists' detection of mammographic abnormalities with and without a computer-aided detection systemQuek S.T. ; Thng C.H. ; Khoo J.B.K. ; Koh W.L.