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11-Nov-2020An elusive diagnosis of IgG4-related sclerosing mastitisTan A.H.S.; Quek S.T. ; Singh P. ; Putti T.C. ; Pillay P.G. ; Pool F.J. ; Jagmohan P. 
21-May-2021Correct determination of the enhancement curve is critical to ensure accurate diagnosis using the Kaiser score as a clinical decision rule for breast MRIGrippo, Cristina; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Helbich, Thomas H.; Kapetas, Panagiotis; Clauser, Paola; Baltzer, Pascal A. T.
32017CT features in surgically proven cases of ovarian torsion-A pictorial reviewDhanda S.; Quek S.T. ; Ting M.Y.; Rong C.Y.H. ; Ting E.Y.S. ; Jagmohan P. ; Wee B. 
4Jul-2021Deep Learning Systems for Pneumothorax Detection on Chest Radiographs: A Multicenter External Validation StudyThian, Yee Liang ; Ng, Dianwen; Hallinan, James Thomas Patrick Decourcy ; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Sia, Soon Yiew ; Tan, Cher Heng; Ting, Yong Han; Kei, Pin Lin ; Pulickal, Geoiphy George; Tiong, Vincent Tze Yang; Quek, Swee Tian ; Feng, Mengling 
51-May-2021Development of a microRNA Panel for Classification of Abnormal Mammograms for Breast CancerZou, Ruiyang ; Loke, Sau Yeen ; Tan, Veronique Kiak-Mien ; Quek, Swee Tian ; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Tang, Yew Chung; Madhukumar, Preetha ; Tan, Benita Kiat-Tee ; Yong, Wei Sean ; Sim, Yirong ; Lim, Sue Zann ; Png, Eunice; Lee, Shu Yun Sherylyn; Chan, Mun Yew Patrick; Ho, Teng Swan Juliana ; Khoo, Boon Kheng James ; Wong, Su Lin Jill ; Thng, Choon Hua; Chong, Bee Kiang; Teo, Yik Ying ; Too, Heng-Phon ; Hartman, Mikael ; Tan, Ngiap Chuan; Tan, Ern Yu; Lee, Soo Chin ; Zhou, Lihan; Lee, Ann Siew Gek
61-Sep-2022Diagnostic Accuracy of CT for Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord CompressionHallinan, James Thomas Patrick Decourcy ; Ge, Shuliang; Zhu, Lei ; Zhang, Wenqiao ; Lim, Yi Ting ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Kuah, Tricia; Lim, Desmond Shi Wei; Low, Xi Zhen; Teo, Ee Chin; Kumarakulasinghe, Nesaretnam Barr; Yap, Qai Ven ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Tan, Jiong Hao; Kumar, Naresh ; Vellayappan, Balamurugan A ; Ooi, Beng Chin ; Quek, Swee Tian ; Makmur, Andrew
72012Erratum: A re-look at an old disease: A multimodality review on gout [Clinical Radiology (2011) 66:10 (984-992) DOI: 10.1016/j.crad.2011.04.011)Dhanda S.; Jagmohan P. ; Quek S.T. 
82020External validation of a risk stratification score for b3 breast lesions detected at ultrasound core needle biopsyGrippo, C.; Jagmohan, P. ; Clauser, P.; Kapetas, P.; Meier, A.; Stöger, A.M.; D'Angelo, A.; Baltzer, P.A.T.
95-Jul-2022Impact of contrast-enhanced mammography in surgical management of breast cancers for women with dense breasts: a dual-center, multi-disciplinary study in AsiaGoh, Yonggeng ; Chou, Chen-Pin; Chan, Ching Wan ; Buhari, Shaik Ahmad ; Hartman, Mikael ; Tang, Siau Wei ; Ng, Celene Wei Qi ; Pillay, Premilla ; Chua, Wynne ; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Sterling, Eide; Wong, Ying Mei; Tan, Loon Ying; Ong, Han Yang; Pan, Huay-Ben; Lee, Herng-Sheng; Hung, Bao-Hui; Quek, Swee Tian 
101-Dec-2021Infiltrative pattern of metastatic invasive lobular breast carcinoma in the abdomen: a pictorial reviewWong, Ying Mei; Jagmohan, Pooja ; Goh, Yong Geng; Putti, Thomas Choudary ; Ow, Samuel Guan Wei ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Pillay, Premilla 
112014Intra-articular and peri-articular tumours and tumour mimics- what a clinician and onco-imaging radiologist should knowDhanda S.; Quek S.T. ; Bathla G.; Jagmohan P. 
121-May-2020Malignant phyllodes tumor of the male breastJagmohan P. ; Almaskeen H.S.H.; Pillay P.G. ; Goh Y. ; Singh P. ; Tay L.E.-W.; Putti T.C. ; Quek S.T. 
13Feb-2020Ultrasound Guided Optoacoustic Tomography in Assessment of Tumor Margins for LumpectomiesGoh, Y. ; Balasundaram, G.; Moothanchery, M.; Attia, A.; Li, X.; Lim, H.Q.; Burton, N.C.; Qiu, Y.; Putti, T.C. ; Chan, C.W. ; Iau, P.; Buhari, S.A. ; Hartman, M. ; Tang, S.W. ; Ng, C.W.Q. ; Chan, Y.H. ; Pool, F.J. ; Pillay, P. ; Chua, W. ; Kapur, J. ; Jagmohan, P. ; Sterling, E.; Quek, S.T. ; Olivo, M.