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Koji Itahana
Itahana, K.


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127-Jun-2019ABCB1 protects bat cells from DNA damage induced by genotoxic compoundsKoh, Javier ; Itahana, Yoko ; Mendenhall, Ian H ; Low, Dolyce ; Soh, Eunice Xin Yi; Guo, Alvin Kunyao ; Chionh, Yok Teng ; Wang, Lin-Fa ; Itahana, Koji 
22013Colorimetric detection of senescence-associated β galactosidaseItahana, K. ; Itahana, Y. ; Dimri, G.P.
32012Emerging roles of mitochondrial p53 and ARFItahana, Y. ; Itahana, K. 
42018Emerging roles of p53 family members in glucose metabolismItahana, Y ; Itahana, K 
52016Germline hemizygous deletion of CDKN2A-CDKN2B locus in a patient presenting with Li-Fraumeni syndromeChan, S.H; Lim, W.K ; Michalski, S.T; Lim, J.Q; Ishak, N.D.B; Met-Domestici, M; Young, C.N.C; Vikstrom, K; Esplin, E.D; Fulbright, J; Ang, M.K ; Wee, J ; Sittampalam, K; Farid, M ; Lincoln, S.E; Itahana, K ; Abdullah, S; Teh, B.T ; Ngeow, J 
62016Histone modifications and p53 binding poise the p21 promoter for activation in human embryonic stem cellsItahana Y. ; Zhang J.; Göke J.; Vardy L.A.; Han R. ; Iwamoto K. ; Cukuroglu E.; Robson P.; Pouladi M.A. ; Colman A.; Itahana K. 
729-May-2012Mdm2 RING mutation enhances p53 transcriptional activity and p53-p300 interactionClegg, H.V.; Itahana, Y. ; Itahana, K. ; Ramalingam, S.; Zhang, Y.
81-Dec-2013miR-141, a new player, joins the senescence orchestraItahana, Y. ; Neo, S.H.; Itahana, K. 
91-Mar-2010Mitochondrial targeting signals: Another barcode in p14ARF?Itahana, K. ; Zhang, Y.
102017P32 heterozygosity protects against age-and diet-induced obesity by increasing energy expenditureLiu, Y; Leslie, P.L; Jin, A; Itahana, K ; Graves, L.M; Zhang, Y
1115-Apr-2012pRb or its cousins: Who controls the family business?Itahana, K. ; Dimri, G.P.
12Oct-2010Research highlightsItahana, K. ; Dimri, G.P.
1326-May-2014The uric acid transporter SLC2A9 is a direct target gene of the tumor suppressor p53 contributing to antioxidant defenseItahana, Y. ; Han, R.; Barbier, S.; Lei, Z. ; Rozen, S. ; Itahana, K. 
142016Transglutaminase 2 contributes to a TP53- induced autophagy program to prevent oncogenic transformationYeo S.Y.; Itahana Y. ; Guo A.K. ; Han R. ; Iwamoto K. ; Nguyen H.T.; Bao Y. ; Kleiber K. ; Wu Y.J. ; Bay B.H. ; Voorhoeve M. ; Itahana K.