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Sek Tong, Derrick Ong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Jan-2022E2F and STAT3 provide transcriptional synergy for histone variant H2AZ activation to sustain glioblastoma chromatin accessibility and tumorigenicityYoon, Jeehyun ; Grinchuk, Oleg ; Tirado-Magallanes, Roberto ; Ngian, Zhen Kai; Tay, Emmy Xue Yun ; Chuah, You Heng; Li Lee, Bernice Woon; Feng, Jia ; Crasta, Karen Carmelina ; Ong, Chin Tong ; Benoukraf, Touati ; Ong, Derrick Sek Tong 
26-Mar-2021Epigenetic plasticity and redox regulation of neural stem cell state and fateONG SEK TONG, DERRICK ; EMMY TAY XUE YUN ; CHIA KIMBERLY 
36-Mar-2021Epigenetic plasticity and redox regulation of neural stem cell state and fateEMMY TAY XUE YUN ; CHIA KIMBERLY ; ONG SEK TONG, DERRICK 
427-Dec-2022Histone variant H3.3 promotes metastasis in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.Karthik, Nandini ; Lee, Jane Jia Hui ; Soon, Joshua Ling Jun ; Chiu, Hsin Yao ; Loh, Amos Hong Pheng ; Ong, Derrick Sek Tong ; Tam, Wai Leong ; Taneja, Reshma 
515-Nov-2019Interweaving Tumor Heterogeneity into the Cancer Epigenetic-Metabolic AxisLeung, Jia Yu; CHIA KIMBERLY ; ONG SEK TONG, DERRICK ; RESHMA TANEJA 
63-Oct-2019Mitochondrial dysfunction at the centre of cancer therapyChiu, Hsin Yao; Tay, Emmy Xue Yun; Ong, Derrick Sek Tong ; Taneja, Reshma 
71-Dec-2022PFKP alleviates glucose starvation-induced metabolic stress in lung cancer cells via AMPK-ACC2 dependent fatty acid oxidationChen, J; Zou, L; Lu, G; Grinchuk, O ; Fang, L ; Ong, DST ; Taneja, R ; Ong, CN ; Shen, HM 
81-Jul-2019Redox regulation of cell state and fateLee, BWL; PRAMILA BABAN GHODE ; ONG SEK TONG, DERRICK 
922-Jul-2022SETDB1 acts as a topological accessory to Cohesin via an H3K9me3-independent, genomic shunt for regulating cell fatesWarrier, T; El Farran, C; Zeng, Y; Ho, BSQ; Bao, Q; Zheng, ZH; Bi, X ; Ng, HH; Ong, DST ; Chu, JJH ; Sanyal, A; Fullwood, MJ ; Collins, JJ; Li, H; Xu, J; Loh, YH