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Goh, Eyleen L.K.
Goh E.L.K.
Goh, Lay Keow Eyleen
Goh, E.
Goh, E.L.K.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2002c-Cbl is a negative regulator of GH-stimulated STAT5-mediated transcriptionGoh, E.L.K. ; Zhu, T. ; Leong, W.-Y.; Lobie, P.E. 
222-Mar-2019Cell surface alpha 2,3-linked sialic acid facilitates Zika virus internalizationTan, Chee Wah ; Hor, Catherine Hong Huan ; Kwek, Swee Sen; Tee, Han Kang; Sam, I-Ching; Goh, Eyleen LK ; Ooi, Eng Eong ; Chan, Yoke Fun; Wang, Lin-Fa 
310-Jun-2013Class 3 Semaphorin Mediates Dendrite Growth in Adult Newborn Neurons through Cdk5/FAK PathwayNg, T.; Ryu, J.R.; Sohn, J.H.; Tan, T.; Song, H.; Ming, G.-L.; Goh, E.L.K. 
41-Jul-2012Directing neuronal differentiation of primary neural progenitor cells by gene knockdown approachLow, W.C.; Yau, W.W.Y.; Stanton, L.W.; Marcy, G. ; Goh, E. ; Chew, S.Y.
52015Enhanced differentiation of neural progenitor cells into neurons of the mesencephalic dopaminergic subtype on topographical patternsTan, Kenneth K.B. ; Tann, Jason Y.; Sathe, Sharvari R.; Goh, Seokhong; Ma, Dongliang ; Goh, Eyleen L.K. ; Yim, King Fai Evelyn 
61998Growth hormone promotion of tubulin polymerization stabilizes the microtubule network and protects against colchicine-induced apoptosisGoh, E.L.K. ; Pircher, T.J.; Lobie, P.E. 
711-Dec-1998Growth hormone stimulates the formation of a multiprotein signaling complex involving p130(Cas) and CrkII: Resultant activation of c-Jun N- terminal kinase/stress-activated protein kinase (JNK/SAPK)Zhu, T. ; Goh, E.L.K. ; LeRoith, D.; Lobie, P.E. 
824-Apr-1998Growth hormone stimulates the tyrosine phosphorylation and association of p125 focal adhesion kinase (FAK) with JAK2: FAK is not required for stat- mediated transcriptionZhu, T. ; Goh, E.L.K. ; Lobie, P.E. 
91997Growth hormone-induced reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton is not required for STAT5 (signal transducer and activator of transcription-5)- mediated transcriptionGoh, E.L.K. ; Pircher, T.J.; Wood, T.J.J.; Norstedt, G.; Graichen, R. ; Lobie, P.E. 
102018HoxC5 and miR-615-3p target newly evolved genomic regions to repress hTERT and inhibit tumorigenesisYan, T ; Ooi, W.F; Qamra, A ; Cheung, A ; Ma, D ; Sundaram, G.M; Xu, C ; Xing, M; Poon, L ; Wang, J ; Loh, Y.P ; Ho, J.H.J; Ng, J.J.Q; Ramlee, M.K; Aswad, L ; Rozen, S.G ; Ghosh, S ; Bard, F.A ; Sampath, P ; Tergaonkar, V ; Davies, J.O.J; Hughes, J.R; Goh, E ; Bi, X; Fullwood, M.J ; Tan, P ; Li, S 
112015Lentiviral silencing of GSK-3β in adult dentate gyrus impairs contextual fear memory and synaptic plasticityChew B. ; Ryu J.R. ; Ng T. ; Ma D. ; Dasgupta A. ; Neo S.H. ; Zhao J.; Zhong Z.; Bichler Z. ; Sajikumar S. ; Goh E.L.K. 
122015Methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (Mecp2) regulates sensory function through Sema5b and Robo2Leong W.Y. ; Lim Z.H. ; Korzh V. ; Pietri T.; Goh E.L.K. 
138-Oct-2012Microarray with micro- and nano-topographies enables identification of the optimal topography for directing the differentiation of primary murine neural progenitor cellsMoe, A.A.K. ; Suryana, M. ; Marcy, G. ; Lim, S.K. ; Ankam, S.; Goh, J.Z.W.; Jin, J.; Teo, B.K.K.; Law, J.B.K.; Low, H.Y.; Goh, E.L.K. ; Sheetz, M.P. ; Yim, E.K.F. 
14Apr-2011Nanofibrous scaffold with incorporated protein gradient for directing neurite outgrowthHandarmin; Tan, G.J.Y.; Sundaray, B.; Marcy, G.T. ; Goh, E.L.K. ; Chew, S.Y.
15May-2013Nanofibrous scaffold-mediated REST knockdown to enhance neuronal differentiation of stem cellsLow, W.C.; Rujitanaroj, P.-O.; Lee, D.-K.; Messersmith, P.B.; Stanton, L.W.; Goh, E. ; Chew, S.Y.
162018Rab23 regulates radial migration of projection neurons via N-cadherinHor C.H.H. ; Goh E.L.K. 
172014Regionally-specified second trimester fetal neural stem cells reveals differential neurogenic programmingFan Y. ; Marcy G. ; Lee E.S.M.; Rozen S. ; Mattar C.N.Z. ; Waddington S.N.; Goh E.L.K. ; Choolani M. ; Chan J.K.Y.
1810-Mar-2015Rescue of Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 Dysfunction-induced Defects in Newborn Neurons by PentobarbitalMa, Dongliang ; Yoon, Su-in ; Yang, Chih-Hao; Guillaume, Thierry Marcy ; Zhao, Na; Leong, Wan Ying ; Ganapathy, Vinupriya ; Ju, Han ; Van Dongen, Antonius M J ; Hsu, Kuei-Sen; Ming, Guo-Li; Augustine Jr, George James ; Goh, Lay Keow Eyleen 
192018Sequential Application of Discrete Topographical Patterns Enhances Derivation of Functional Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Neurons from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsTan K.K.B. ; Lim W.W.M. ; Chai C.; Kukumberg M. ; Lim K.L. ; Goh E.L.K. ; Yim E.K.F. 
2020-Aug-2012Taurine induces proliferation of neural stem cells and synapse development in the developing mouse brainShivaraj, M.C.; Marcy, G. ; Low, G.; Ryu, J.R.; Zhao, X.; Rosales, F.J.; Goh, E.L.K.