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Mattar, C.N.
Martar, C.N.
Mattar, C.N.


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12018Altered Placental Chorionic Arterial Biomechanical Properties During Intrauterine Growth RestrictionSaw, S.N ; Tay, J.J.H; Poh, Y.W; Yang, L; Tan, W.C ; Tan, L.K ; Clark, A; Biswas, A ; Mattar, C.N.Z ; Yap, C.H 
2Dec-2003Breastfeeding: It's an important gift [1] (multiple letters)Grossman, R.A.; Mattar, C.N. ; Chan, Y.-S.; Chong, Y.-S. 
32008Care of women in menopause: Sexual function, dysfunction and therapeutic modalitiesMartar, C.N. ; Lin, L.S.; Agarwal, A.A.; Yap, S.C. ; Wong, P.C. ; Choolani, M. 
42008Common concerns regarding breastfeeding in a family practice settingMattar, C.N. ; Fok, D.; Chong, Y.S. 
511-Aug-2018Immunological response to AAV-IUGT administered in early gestation in a non-human primate modelCITRA NURFARAH ZAINI MATTAR ; Johana, Nuryanti; Nathwani, Amit; BISWAS,ARIJIT ; CHOOLANI,MAHESH A ; JERRY CHAN KOK YEN 
62014Long-term reproducible expression in human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells with a UCOE-based lentiviral vectorDighe N. ; Khoury M.; Mattar C. ; Chong M. ; Choolani M. ; Chen J.; Antoniou M.N.; Chan J.K.Y. 
71-Nov-2019MEchanical DIlatation of the Cervix in a Scarred uterus (MEDICS): the study protocol of a randomised controlled trial comparing a single cervical catheter balloon and prostaglandin PGE2 for cervical ripening and labour induction following caesarean deliveryChoo, Soe-Na; Kanneganti, Abhiram; Aziz, Muhammad Nur Dinie Bin Abdul; Loh, Leta ; Hargreaves, Carol ; Gopal, Vikneswaran; Biswas, Arijit ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ismail, Ida Suzani ; Chi, Claudia ; Mattar, Citra 
82008Menopause, hormone therapy and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseaseMattar, C.N. ; Harharah, L.; Lin, L.S.; Agarwal, A.A.; Wong, P.C. ; Choolani, M. 
92010Neo-vascularization and bone formation mediated by fetal mesenchymal stem cell tissue-engineered bone grafts in critical-size femoral defectsZhang, Z.-Y. ; Teoh, S.-H. ; Chong, M.S.K. ; Lee, E.S.M.; Tan, L.-G.; Mattar, C.N. ; Choolani, M. ; Chan, J. ; Fisk, N.M.
102010Neo-vascularization and bone formation mediated by fetal mesenchymal stem cell tissue-engineered bone grafts in critical-size femoral defects.Zhang, Z.Y. ; Teoh, S.H. ; Chong, M.S.; Lee, E.S.; Tan, L.G.; Mattar, C.N. ; Fisk, N.M.; Choolani, M. ; Chan, J. 
112014Perinatal systemic gene delivery using adeno-associated viral vectorsKarda, R; Buckley, S.M.K; Mattar, C.N ; Ng, J; Massaro, G; Hughes, M.P; Kurian, M.A; Baruteau, J; Gissen, P; Chan, J.K.Y ; Bacchelli, C; Waddington, S.N; Rahim, A.A
122020Pregnancy Outcomes in COVID-19: A Prospective Cohort Study in SingaporeMattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Sadarangani, Sapna; Tagore, Shephali ; Thain, Serene ; Thoon, Koh Cheng ; Hong, Eliane; Kanneganti, Abhiram; Ku, Chee Wai ; Chan, Grace Mf; Lee, Kelvin Zx; Yap, Jeannie Jy; Tan, Shaun S; Yan, Benedict; Young, Barnaby E; Lye, David C ; Anderson, Danielle E ; Yang, Liying ; Su, Lin Lin ; Somani, Jyoti ; Tan, Lay Kok ; Choolani, Mahesh A ; Chan, Jerry KY 
132014Regionally-specified second trimester fetal neural stem cells reveals differential neurogenic programmingFan Y. ; Marcy G. ; Lee E.S.M.; Rozen S. ; Mattar C.N.Z. ; Waddington S.N.; Goh E.L.K. ; Choolani M. ; Chan J.K.Y.