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Citra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar
Martar, C.N.
Mattar, C.N.
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120-Jun-2018A comparison of haemopoietic cell transplantation and in vivo lentiviral gene transfer for the correction of severe beta-thalassaemia in a murine model of intrauterine therapyCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Dighe, Niraja M ; Waddington, Simon N; Antoniou, Michael N; Chan, Jerry KY 
2Jul-2021A reasoned approach towards administering COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant womenPramanick, Angsumita; Kanneganti, Abhiram; Wong, Jing Lin Jeslyn; Li, Sarah Weiling; Dimri, Pooja Sharma; Mahyuddin, Aniza Puteri ; Kumar, Sailesh; Illanes, Sebastian Enrique ; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen ; Su, Lin Lin; Biswas, Arijit ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; Huang, Ruby Yun-Ju ; Mattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini ; Choolani, Mahesh 
42018Altered Placental Chorionic Arterial Biomechanical Properties During Intrauterine Growth RestrictionSaw, S.N ; Tay, J.J.H; Poh, Y.W; Yang, L; Tan, W.C ; Tan, L.K ; Clark, A; Biswas, A ; Mattar, C.N.Z ; Yap, C.H 
511-Nov-2020Biomechanics of Human Fetal Hearts with Critical Aortic StenosisOng, Chi Wei; Ren, Meifeng; Wiputra, Hadi ; Mojumder, Joy; Chan, Wei Xuan; Tulzer, Andreas; Tulzer, Gerald; Buist, Martin Lindsay ; Mattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini ; Lee, Lik Chuan; Yap, Choon Hwai
6Dec-2003Breastfeeding: It's an important gift [1] (multiple letters)Grossman, R.A.; Mattar, C.N. ; Chan, Y.-S.; Chong, Y.-S. 
72008Care of women in menopause: Sexual function, dysfunction and therapeutic modalitiesMartar, C.N. ; Lin, L.S.; Agarwal, A.A.; Yap, S.C. ; Wong, P.C. ; Choolani, M. 
82008Common concerns regarding breastfeeding in a family practice settingMattar, C.N. ; Fok, D.; Chong, Y.S. 
918-May-2018Comparison of early and late gestation in utero gene therapy, in a non-human primate modelCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Tan, Yi Wan; Biswas, Arijit ; Choolani, Mahesh ; Chan, Jerry 
101-Jun-2020Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and pregnancyDashraath, Pradip; Wong, Jing Lin Jeslyn; Lim, Mei Xian Karen; Lim, Li Mm; Li, Sarah; Biswas, Arijit ; Choolani, Mahesh ; Mattar, Citra ; Su, Lin Lin 
1130-Apr-2019Early Versus Late Gestation Approaches in Fetal Gene TherapyCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Jerry Chan ; Arijit Biswas ; Mahesh Choolani 
1211-Jun-2015Efficacy of a fetal gene therapy strategy using adenoassociated viral vectors serotypes 8 and 5 is dependent on serotype, gender of recipient and gestation: outcomes in a non-human primate modelCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Nuryanti Johana; Arijit Biswas ; Mahesh Choolani ; Amit Nathwani; Jerry Chan 
135-Aug-2016Examining the feasibility of Fetoscopic Intrauterine Transplantation of Maternal Donor Haemopoietic Stem Cells for Major Haemoglobinopathies in the Non-Human Primate Model: a Pilot StudyCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Arijit Biswas ; Mahesh Choolani ; Mark Johnson; Alan Flake; Jerry Chan 
1411-Aug-2018Human Fetal Hearts with Tetralogy of Fallot has Altered Fluid Mechanical Force Environment from Normal Fetal HeartsCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Wiputra, Hadi ; Biswas, Arijit ; Yap, Choon Hwai 
158-Jan-2021Hypoxia-induced amniotic fluid stem cell secretome augments cardiomyocyte proliferation and enhances cardioprotective effects under hypoxic-ischemic conditionsKukumberg, Marek ; Phermthai, Tatsanee; Wichitwiengrat, Suparat; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Arjunan, Subramanian; Chong, Suet Yen ; Fong, Chui-Yee ; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Rufaihah, Abdul Jalil ; Mattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini 
1611-Aug-2018Immunological response to AAV-IUGT administered in early gestation in a non-human primate modelCITRA NURFARAH ZAINI MATTAR ; Johana, Nuryanti; Nathwani, Amit; BISWAS,ARIJIT ; CHOOLANI,MAHESH A ; JERRY CHAN KOK YEN 
1716-May-2018Intrauterine gene transfer at early gestation with safe postnatal vector re-administration: a therapeutic strategy for early-onset congenital diseaseCitra Nurfarah Zaini Mattar ; Chan, Jerry KY ; Biswas, Arijit ; Choolani, Mahesh ; Nathwani, Amit
182014Long-term reproducible expression in human fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells with a UCOE-based lentiviral vectorDighe N. ; Khoury M.; Mattar C. ; Chong M. ; Choolani M. ; Chen J.; Antoniou M.N.; Chan J.K.Y. 
1912-Feb-2021Machine learning improves early prediction of small-for-gestational-age births and reveals nuchal fold thickness as unexpected predictorSaw, Shier Nee ; Biswas, Arijit ; Mattar, Citra Nurfarah Zaini ; Lee, Hwee Kuan ; Yap, Choon Hwai
2024-May-2023Maternal dendritic cells influence fetal allograft response following murine in-utero hematopoietic stem cell transplantationKandasamy, Karthikeyan ; Johana, Nuryanti Binti; Tan, Lay Geok ; Tan, Yvonne; Yeo, Julie Su Li; Yusof, Nur Nazneen Binte ; Li, Zhihui; Koh, Jiayu; Ginhoux, Florent; Chan, Jerry KY ; Choolani, Mahesh ; Mattar, Citra NZ