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12020CFAP53 regulates mammalian cilia-type motility patterns through differential localization and recruitment of axonemal dynein componentsIde, T.; Twan, W.K.; Lu, H.; Ikawa, Y.; Lim, L.-X.; Henninger, N.; Nishimura, H.; Takaoka, K.; Narasimhan, V.; Yan, X.; Shiratori, H.; Roy, S. ; Hamada, H.
2Mar-2020E2f5 is a versatile transcriptional activator required for spermatogenesis and multiciliated cell differentiation in zebrafishXie, H.; Kang, Y.; Wang, S.; Zheng, P.; Chen, Z.; Roy, S. ; Zhao, C.
32012Evolutionarily Ancient Association of the FoxJ1 Transcription Factor with the Motile Ciliogenic ProgramVij S.; Rink J.C.; Ho H.K.; Babu D. ; Eitel M.; Narasimhan V.; Tiku V.; Westbrook J.; Schierwater B.; Roy S. 
42019Identification of important effector proteins in the FOXJ1 transcriptional network associated with ciliogenesis and ciliary functionMukherjee, I.; Roy, S. ; Chakrabarti, S.
51-Nov-2011KNACK: A hybrid spin-charge mixed-mode simulator for evaluating different genres of spin-transfer torque MRAM bit-cellsFong, X ; Gupta, SK; Mojumder, NN; Choday, SH; Augustine, C; Roy, K 
62013Left-right asymmetry: cilia stir up new surprises in the node.Babu, D ; Roy, S. 
71-Mar-2015Mutations in CCDC11, which encodes a coiled-coil containing ciliary protein, causes situs inversus due to dysmotility of monocilia in the left-right organizerNarasimhan, Vijayashankaranarayanan; Hjeij, Rim; Vij, Shubha; Loges, Niki Tomas; Wallmeier, Julia; Koerner-Rettberg, Cordula; Werner, Claudius; Thamilselvam, Surin Kumar; Boey, Adrian; Choksi, Semil P.; Pennekamp, Petra; Roy, Sudipto ; Omran, Heymut
814-May-2020Reissner fibre-induced urotensin signalling from cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons prevents scoliosis of the vertebrate spineLu, H.; Shagirova, A.; Goggi, J.L.; Yeo, H.L.; Roy, S. 
92015Sonic hedgehog functions upstream of disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 (disc1): Implications for mental illnessBoyd, P.J; Cunliffe, V.T; Roy, S ; Wood, J.D
102014Switching on cilia: Transcriptional networks regulating ciliogenesisChoksi, S.P; Lauter, G; Swoboda, P; Roy, S 
112014Systematic discovery of novel ciliary genes through functional genomics in the zebrafishChoksi, S.P; Babu, D ; Lau, D; Yu, X; Roy, S