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Chinmay Kumar Mantri


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19-Apr-2021Coding and non-coding roles of MOCCI (C15ORF48) coordinate to regulate host inflammation and immunityLee, CQE ; Kerouanton, B ; Chothani, S ; Zhang, S ; Chen, Y; Mantri, CK ; Hock, DH; Lim, R ; Nadkarni, R; Huynh, VT; Lim, D; Chew, WL ; Zhong, FL; Stroud, DA; Schafer, S ; Tergaonkar, V ; St John, AL ; Rackham, OJL ; Ho, L 
28-Jun-2021Immunological and Pathological Landscape of Dengue Serotypes 1-4 Infections in Immune-Competent MiceRathore, Abhay P. S. ; Mantri, Chinmay K. ; Tan, Meredith W.; Shirazi, Roksana; Nishida, Andrew; Aman, Siti A. B. ; Morrison, Juliet; St. John, Ashley L. 
312-May-2021Maternal immunity and vaccination influence disease severity in progeny in a novel mast cell-deficient mouse model of severe dengueMantri, Chinmay Kumar ; Soundarajan, Gayathri ; Saron, Wilfried A. A. ; Rathore, Abhay P. S. ; Alonso, Sylvie ; John, A.L.S. 
42020Serum chymase levels correlate with severe dengue warning signs and clinical fluid accumulation in hospitalized pediatric patientsRathore, A.P.S. ; Senanayake, M.; Athapathu, A.S.; Gunasena, S.; Karunaratna, I.; Leong, W.Y.; Lim, T. ; Mantri, C.K. ; Wilder-Smith, A.; St. John, A.L. 
52017Transcriptional profiling confirms the therapeutic effects of mast cell stabilization in a dengue disease modelMorrison J.; Rathore A.P.S. ; Mantri C.K. ; Aman S.A.B. ; Nishida A.; St. John A.L. 
61-Mar-2022Transitional premonocytes emerge in the periphery for host defense against bacterial infectionsTeh, Ye Chean; Chooi, Ming Yao; Liu, Dehua; Kwok, Immanuel; Lai, Ghee Chuan; Yong, Liyana Ayub Ow ; Ng, Melissa; Li, Jackson LY; Tan, Yingrou; Evrard, Maximilien; Tan, Leonard; Liong, Ka Hang ; Leong, Keith; Goh, Chi Ching ; Chan, Andrew YJ; Shadan, Nurhidaya Binte; Mantri, Chinmay Kumar ; Hwang, You Yi; Cheng, Hui; Cheng, Tao; Yu, Weimiao; Tey, Hong Liang ; Larbi, Anis ; St John, Ashley ; Angeli, Veronique ; Ruedl, Christiane; Lee, Bernett; Ginhoux, Florent ; Chen, Swaine L ; Ng, Lai Guan ; Ding, Jeak Ling ; Chong, Shu Zhen