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Boon Seng Soh
Seng Soh, B.
Boon, S.S.


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12020A protein tertiary structure mimetic modulator of the Hippo signalling pathwayAdihou, H.; Gopalakrishnan, R.; Förster, T.; Guéret, S.M.; Gasper, R.; Geschwindner, S.; Carrillo García, C.; Karatas, H.; Pobbati, A.V.; Vazquez?Chantada, M.; Davey, P.; Wassvik, C.M.; Pang, J.K.S.; Soh, B.S. ; Hong, W.; Chiarparin, E.; Schade, D.; Plowright, A.T.; Valeur, E.; Lemurell, M.; Grossmann, T.N.; Waldmann, H.
212-Nov-2020ALS motor neurons exhibit hallmark metabolic defects that are rescued by SIRT3 activationHor, Jin-Hui; Santosa, Munirah Mohamad; Lim, Valerie Jing Wen; Ho, Beatrice Xuan; Taylor, Amy; Khong, Zi Jian; Ravits, John; Fan, Yong; Liou, Yih-Cherng ; Soh, Boon-Seng ; Ng, Shi-Yan
32019Applications of miRNAs in cardiac development, disease progression and regenerationPang, J.K.S.; Phua, Q.H.; Soh, B.-S. 
42018Cell cycle inhibitors protect motor neurons in an organoid model of Spinal Muscular AtrophyHor, J.H; Soh, E.S.-Y; Tan, L.Y; Lim, V.J.W; Santosa, M.M; Winanto, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, 61 Biopolis Drive138673, Singapore, School of Biological Science, Nanyang Technological University637551, Singapore; Ho, B.X; Fan, Y; Soh, B.-S ; Ng, S.-Y 
59-Aug-2022Characterizing arrhythmia using machine learning analysis of Ca2+cycling in human cardiomyocytesPang, Jeremy KS; Chia, Sabrina; Zhang, Jinqiu; Szyniarowski, Piotr; Stewart, Colin; Yang, Henry ; Chan, Woon-Khiong ; Ng, Shi Yan ; Soh, Boon-Seng 
62017Differentiation of Club Cells to Alveolar Epithelial Cells in VitroZheng, D; Soh, B.-S ; Yin, L; Hu, G; Chen, Q; Choi, H ; Han, J; Chow, V.T.K ; Chen, J
72018Disease modeling using 3D organoids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cellsHo, B.X; Pek, N.M.Q; Soh, B.-S 
82016Endothelin-1 supports clonal derivation and expansion of cardiovascular progenitors derived from human embryonic stem cellsSoh, B.-S ; Ng, S.-Y ; Wu, H; Buac, K; Park, J.-H.C; Lian, X; Xu, J; Foo, K.S; Felldin, U; He, X; Nichane, M; Yang, H ; Bu, L; Li, R.A; Lim, B; Chien, K.R
92018In vivo genome editing as a therapeutic approachHo B.X.; Loh S.J.H.; Chan W.K. ; Soh B.S. 
102-Dec-2021Insights to Heart Development and Cardiac Disease Models Using Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived 3D OrganoidsPang, Jeremy Kah Sheng; Ho, Beatrice Xuan; Chan, Woon-Khiong ; Soh, Boon-Seng 
1126-Mar-2020Mending a broken heart: Current strategies and limitations of cell-based therapyLiew, L.C.; Ho, B.X.; Soh, B.-S. 
122019Microhexagon gradient array directs spatial diversification of spinal motor neuronsLim, G.S.; Hor, J.H.; Ho, N.R.Y.; Wong, C.Y.; Ng, S.Y. ; Soh, B.S. ; Shao, H. 
132019Mitochondrial 3243A > G mutation confers pro-atherogenic and pro-inflammatory properties in MELAS iPS derived endothelial cellsPek, N.M.Q.; Phua, Q.H.; Ho, B.X.; Pang, J.K.S.; Hor, J.-H.; An, O. ; Yang, H.H. ; Yu, Y.; Fan, Y.; Ng, S.-Y. ; Soh, B.-S. 
142020Organoid cultures of MELAS neural cells reveal hyperactive Notch signaling that impacts neurodevelopmentWinanto, Khong, Z.J.; Soh, B.-S. ; Fan, Y.; Ng, S.-Y. 
15Dec-2007Pleiotrophin enhances clonal growth and long-term expansion of human embryonic stem cellsSOH BOON SENG ; Chun, M.S.; Vallier, L.; Li, P.; Choong, C.; Boon, H.Y.; Lim, E.H. ; Pedersen, R.A.; Yang, H.H.; Rao, M.; Lima, B.
162002Purification and characterization of recombinant malate synthase enzymes from streptomyces coelicolor a3(2) and s. clavuligerus Nrrl3585Loke, P. ; Goh, L.-L.; SOH BOON SENG ; Yeow, P.; Sim, T.-S. 
1721-Dec-2022Robust generation of human-chambered cardiac organoids from pluripotent stem cells for improved modelling of cardiovascular diseasesHo, Beatrice Xuan; Pang, Jeremy Kah Sheng; Chen, Ying ; Loh, Yuin-Han ; An, Omer ; Yang, Henry He ; Seshachalam, Veerabrahma Pratap ; Koh, Judice LY; Chan, Woon-Khiong ; Ng, Shi Yan ; Soh, Boon Seng 
182018Targeted elimination of mutant mitochondrial DNA in MELAS-iPSCs by mitoTALENsYang, Y.; Wu, H.; Kang, X.; Liang, Y.; Lan, T.; Li, T.; Tan, T.; Peng, J.; Zhang, Q.; An, G.; Liu, Y.; Yu, Q.; Ma, Z.; Lian, Y.; Soh, B.S. ; Chen, Q.; Liu, P.; Chen, Y.; Sun, X.; Li, R.; Zhen, X.; Liu, P.; Yu, Y.; Li, X.; Fan, Y.
192018Tocotrienol is a cardioprotective agent against ageing-associated cardiovascular disease and its associated morbiditiesRamanathan, N; Tan, E; Loh, L.J; Soh, B.S ; Yap, W.N
2018-Feb-2021Translational stem cell therapy: vascularized skin grafts in skin repair and regenerationPhua, Qian Hua; Han, Hua Alexander; Soh, Boon-Seng