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15-Dec-20223D-Printed Porous Thermoelectrics for In Situ Energy HarvestingZhang, Danwei; Lim, Xiu Jun Genevieve; Li, Xinwei ; Saglik, Kivanc; Solco, Samantha Faye Duran; Tan, Xian Yi; Leow, Yihao; Zhai, Wei ; Tan, Chee Kiang Ivan; Xu, Jianwei; Suwardi, Ady 
228-Jan-2022A novel class of bioinspired composite via ultrasound-assisted directed self-assembly digital light 3D printingLi, Xinwei ; Lim, Kian Meng; Zhai, Wei 
317-Sep-2021Additively Manufactured Deformation-Recoverable and Broadband Sound-Absorbing Microlattice Inspired by the Concept of Traditional Perforated PanelsLi, Xinwei ; Yu, Xiang; Zhai, Wei 
413-Jun-2022Additively Manufactured Dual-functional Metamaterials with Customizable Mechanical and Sound-absorbing PropertiesZhendong Li; Wei Zhai ; Xinwei Li ; Xiang Yu; Zichao Guo; Zhonggang Wang
52020Advances in additive manufacturing process simulation: Residual stresses and distortion predictions in complex metallic componentsSong, X.; Feih, S.; Zhai, W. ; Sun, C.-N.; Li, F.; Maiti, R.; Wei, J.; Yang, Y.; Oancea, V.; Romano Brandt, L.; Korsunsky, A.M.
66-Apr-2022All-Ceramic SiC Aerogel for Wide Temperature Range Electromagnetic Wave AttenuationLan, Xiaolin; Hou, Yi ; Dong, Xinyu; Yang, Zhihong; Ba, Quoc Thai; Yang, Yong; Zhai, Wei 
71-Jan-2023Architected lightweight, sound-absorbing, and mechanically efficient microlattice metamaterials by digital light processing 3D printingLi, Z; Li, X ; Chua, JW; Lim, CH; Yu, X; Wang, Z; Zhai, W 
81-Jan-2023Bio-inspired tubular hierarchical porous materials with selective liquids absorptionLi, G; Dong, X; Chuan, AR ; Chua, BW; Tao, L ; Zhai, W 
913-Oct-2022Broadband low-frequency sound attenuation in duct with embedded periodic sonic black holesMi, Y; Cheng, L; Zhai, W ; Yu, X
101-Nov-2022Ceramic microlattice and epoxy interpenetrating phase composites with simultaneous high specific strength and specific energy absorptionLi, X ; Kim, M; Zhai, W 
115-Jan-2023Controlling the hierarchical microstructure of bioceramic scaffolds by 3D printing of emulsion inksLiu, Quyang; Li, Tian ; Gan, Soo Wah ; Chang, Soon Yee; Yen, Ching Chiuan ; Zhai, Wei 
1210-May-2022Customisable sound absorption properties of functionally graded metallic foamsChua, Jun Wei; Li, Xinwei; Li, Tao; Chua, Beng Wah; Yu, Xiang; Zhai, Wei 
131-Feb-2023Development of multiscale Fe/SiC–C fibrous composites for broadband electromagnetic and acoustic waves absorptionZhao, Y; Chua, JW; Zhang, Y; Zhai, W 
1420-Jan-2020Effect of slurry composition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of SS316L open-cell foamLim, Teik Yi; Zhai, Wei ; Song, Xu; Yu, Xiang; Li, Tao; Chua, Beng Wah; Cui, Fangsen
1515-Feb-2022Enhancement in the mechanical behaviour of a Schwarz Primitive periodic minimal surface lattice structure designGuo, Xiao; Ding, Junhao; Li, Xinwei; Qu, Shuo; Song, Xu; Fuh, Jerry Ying His ; Lu, Wen Feng ; Zhai, Wei 
1628-Jan-2021Enhancing the flow resistance and sound absorption of open-cell metallic foams by creating partially-open windowsYu, Xiang; Lu, Zhenbo; Zhai, Wei 
1712-Apr-2021Equivalent theories and tension properties of semi-reentrant structuresWu, Dongquan ; Zhai, Wei ; Lee, Heow Pueh 
1815-Jun-2023Flexible and leakage-proof phase change composite for microwave attenuation and thermal managementGe, X; Tay, G; Hou, Y; Zhao, Y; Sugumaran, PJ; Thai, BQ; Ang, CK; Zhai, W ; Yang, Y
1925-Feb-2023Geometry effect on mechanical properties and elastic isotropy optimization of bamboo-inspired lattice structuresZhao, M; Li, X ; Zhang, DZ; Zhai, W 
201-Jan-2023Harnessing cavity dissipation for enhanced sound absorption in Helmholtz resonance metamaterialsLi, Xinwei ; Yu, Xiang; Chua, Jun Wei; Zhai, Wei