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R.A. Nimesha Ranasinghe
(not current staff)
Ranasinghe, N.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Apr-2018A demonstration of season traveller: Multisensory narration for enhancing the virtual reality experienceRanasinghe, N ; Jain, P ; Tram, NTN; Tolley, D ; Liangkun, Y ; Tung, CEW ; Yen, CC ; Do, EYL ; Koh, KCR; Shamaiah, K
25-Feb-2017Ambiotherm: Enhancing sense of presence in virtual reality by simulating real-world environmental conditionsRanasinghe, N ; Jain, P ; Karwita, S ; Tolley, D ; Do, EYL 
316-Oct-2016AmbioTherm: Simulating ambient temperatures and wind conditions in VR environmentsRanasinghe, N ; Jain, P ; Tolley, D ; Karwita, S ; Yilei, S; Do, EYL 
4Mar-2019Augmented Flavours: Modulation of Flavour Experiences Through Electric Taste AugmentationRanasinghe N. ; Tolley D. ; Nguyen T.N.T. ; Yan L. ; Chew B. ; Do E.Y.-L. 
5Oct-2016Digital lollipop: Studying electrical stimulation on the human tongue to simulate taste sensationsRanasinghe N. ; Do E.Y.-L. 
62014FunRasa: An interactive drinking platformRanasinghe, N. ; Lee, K.-Y. ; Do, E.Y.-L. 
7May-2019Tainted: An olfaction-enhanced game narrative for smelling virtual ghostsRanasinghe N. ; Koh K.C.R. ; Tram N.T.N. ; Liangkun Y. ; Shamaiah K.; Choo S.G.; Tolley D. ; Karwita S. ; Chew B. ; Chua D.; Yi-Luen Do E. 
820-Mar-2017Virtual lemonade: Let's teleport your lemonade!Ranasinghe, N ; Jain, P ; Karwita, S ; Do, EYL 
9Oct-2016Virtual sweet: Simulating sweet sensation using thermal stimulation on the tip of the tongueRanasinghe N. ; Do E.Y.-L. 
10Oct-2017Vocktail: A virtual cocktail for pairing digital taste, smell, and color sensationsRanasinghe N. ; Nguyen T.N.T. ; Liangkun Y. ; Lin L.-Y. ; Tolley D. ; Do E.Y.-L. 
111-Jan-2019WindyWall: Exploring Creative Wind SimulationsTolley, David ; Thi, Ngoc Tram Nguyen ; Tang, Anthony ; Ranasinghe, Nimesha ; Kawauchi, Kensaku ; Yen, Ching-Chiuan