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Sit Kim Ping
Wong, K.P.
Kim, Ping Wong
Ping, Wong K.
Wong, K.-P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11992A fluorimetric assay of general esterase activity in individual larva, pupa and adult mosquitoKhoo, H.G.N. ; Kim, Ping Wong ; Sit, K.H. ; Ho, B.C 
22004A mechanism of sulfite neurotoxicity: Direct inhibition of glutamate dehydrogenaseZhang, X.; Vincent, A.S.; Halliwell, B. ; Wong, K.P. 
31990A simple sensitive fluorimetric assay of APS-kinase activityWong, K.P. 
41996Acidification and recovery results in nuclear accumulation of supravital dyes during interphaseSit, K.H. ; Paramanantham, R. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
51996Acidification-and-recovery induces nuclear accumulation of neutral red and DNA into human KB oral carcinoma cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Paramanantham, R. ; Tana, H.M.; Wong, K.P. 
61990An HPLC-ECD procedure for measuring total phenolsulfotransferase (PST) activity in human liver, platelets and bloodKhoo, B.Y.; Sit, K.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
71991Antiport mediated rounding and endocytosis are enhanced by sulphateSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
81990Antiport-mediated cell retraction: Viable rounding and distinctive endocytosisSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
91991Biosynthesis of PAPS in vitro by human liver. Measurement by two independent assay proceduresWong, K.P. ; Khoo, B.Y.; Sit, K.H. 
101990Brain phenolsulfotransferase (PST) activity in spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive ratsMok, J.S.L.; Hutchinson, J.S.; Wong, K.P. 
112004Chronic exposure to U18666A induces apoptosis in cultured murine cortical neuronsCheung, N.S. ; Koh, C.H.V. ; Choy, M.S. ; Li, Q.-T. ; Wong, K.P. ; Whiteman, M. ; Bay, B.H. ; Qi, R.Z.
121992Degranulation of rough endoplasmic reticulum in M phase and adenosine-triphosphate-treated interphase cells is reversibleSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
131992Distinctive uptake of neutral red by mitotic cancer cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
141988Does PAPS generation determine the overall sulfate conjugation in human platelets?Khoo, B.Y.; Sit, K.H. ; Ping, Wong K. 
151993Effect of genistein, a tyrosine-specific protein kinase inhibitor, on cell rounding by pH upshiftingSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
161991Effects of genistein on ATP induced DNA synthesis and intracellular alkalinization in Chang liver cellsSit, K.-H. ; Wong, K.-P. ; Bay, B.-H. 
171992Erratum: Degranulation of rough endoplasmic reticulum in M phase and adenosine-triphosphate-treated interphase cells is reversible (Acta Anat 1992;145:119-126)Sit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
181992Extracellular ATP induces rapid cell rounding in cultured human Chang liver cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
191992Genistein inhibits DNA synthesis but has no effect on levels of DAG and IP3, cell rounding and alkalinization in sulphate-treated Chang liver cells.Sit, K.H. ; Wong, K.P. ; Bay, B.H. 
2028-Feb-2000Glutathione-related factors are not correlated with sensitivity of human tumour cells to actinomycin DZhang, K.; Yang, E.B.; Zhao, Y.N.; Wong, K.P. ; Mack, P.